COGNOMOVEMENT Certification Events


Online Practitioner Level One Self Study


Seminar Outline


Intro to  Cognomovement

  • How it works

Left Brain

Right Brain

Place cells

Cross body movement

Lighting up the brain

Relationship between stuck thoughts / feelings and chakras


  • Working alone tips

  • Working with partner tips

  • Clearing Emotions/Trauma

  • Eliminating Cravings/ Weight Loss

  • Athletic Performance/Improvement


  • Live Cognomovement Exercise (Bring your 3 biggest issues)


  • Cogno-Swipe Exercise 

How your intention, light, physical movement quickly clear others issues


  • Quick touch deactivation

Quickly overcome fears and stresses through a simple touch


  • Learn how to positively affect others with your thoughts and intention


  • Cognomovement for  Manifesting


Secrets of the Masters

  • Experience the power of your 8th Chakra to clear negativity 

  • Experence the power of your 6th Chakra to process any event of life

  • Experence the power of the 5th Chakra to repress hunger and thirst

  • Experence the power of the 4th Chakra to repair estranged relationships

  • Experence the power of the 3rd Chakra to find things or people

  • Experence the power of the 2nd Chakra to keep you physically warm

  • Experence the power of the earth chakras to clear out your ancestors traumas from your space and body



Learn about you-niverse

How you can move things around and create a new reality.

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