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Centerline of the Body and Chakras

During the Cognomovement exercise and afterwards you may have felt different sensations along the centerline of your body in either the front or somewhere along the spine. You might have felt these sensations move up or down along the centerline as you went from doing the first 15 minute session to the next one or even during your first session.  Here is a quick reference of the some of the typical things that are associated with the different energy centers and also the location of them.  A sensation of heat, pain and also release are the most common as you go through the process.  The heat can be throughout the body and even cause you to sweat way in excess of what one might think the light exercise would cause.   


Think of a chakra as a vortex of light, different colors are relative to its natural vibration. These will often become stuck or not performing optimally.  The stuck or clogged up chakra can be caused by so many things but underlying it all is some derivative of fear and doubt.  As this is cleared the chakra opens and the energy starts to flow.  If it is very sudden as with the Cognomovement exercise you can get a rush of heat and interestingly a feeling of release or relief where the issue was stuck and now released.  


Please note that if you have pain along the spine you’ll want to watch the videos we on the site we produced to help with that, they are simply realizations that will cause the chakra to open and that potentially can cause pain relief.


Note that this is just a very brief highlight and intended as a quick reference.  Volumes of books, videos and research are available on this subject.  We plan to have a reference section for additional external books,  research and videos to further your understanding.


The following will start to give you some clues about why you felt a sensation along the centerline of your body. The focus on the fear and feeling section is to help identify why you were having the sensation in that part of the body as the issue was being released via the Cognomovement exercise. 



Location - Pelvic floor in woman and between the scrotum and anus in men.  Faces downward. 


Physical connection - base of spine, colon, bones, legs, hips, feet and adrenalin.

Fears - death, survival, finances, not belonging 


Unbalanced- Anger, hyperactive, insecure, impatience, anxiety, fear change of moving forward and intolerance


Balanced - Feeling safe and secure. Strength and vitality.  Integrity in agreements. Trusting and positive future outlook. Feeling that all physical needs will be met.  Easy to make decisions. 

Color - Red

Base Chakra


Location - Navel down to pubic hair line


Physical connection - lower back, bladder, large intestine, reproductive organs, uterus, bladder and the kidneys

Fears- Change, abandonment, guilt, shame, not secure enough to enjoy pleasure.


Unbalanced - Lack of focus, lack of vitality, sentimentalism, feelings of inadequacy, possessiveness, jealousy and envy, regret on all levels. addictions, selfishness arrogance, hatred, despair of the future, victimization, the need for more stuff and feeling stuck in routines that are a waste. Blaming people related to you.

Balanced - Moving towards personal goal positively, good health and digestion, confident, feeling fulfilled, feeling safe to enjoy achievements and pleasure, trusting, forgiving relationships with relatives and self acceptance

Color - Orange

Navel Chakra


Location - Between the navel and ribs

Physical connection - Mid-spine, stomach, small intestine, liver, pancreas, spleen nervous system and skin.


Fears - being controlled, loss of personal power relative to work and relationships


Unbalanced - Stress, panic, worry, aggression, defensiveness, confusion, fatigue, codependency, depression, self esteem, addiction and intolerance.


Balanced - Humor, joy, optimism, self confident, cooperative, respectful, team spirit, sense of community, positive self esteem, see the good in others and stress free.

Color - Yellow

Solar Plexus Chakra


Location - Center of chest


Physical connection - Heart, lungs, blood, circulatory systems, glands, diaphragm, arms, hands and respiration.


Fears - being hurt by love, emotional vulnerability,


Unbalanced-  Negative judgment for self and others, claustrophobia, unfulfilled, restricted, possessive, need for reassurance,isolation. a lack of self worth, grief, conditional love, lack of respect of self and others.


Balanced - Compassionate, calm, friendly, enjoy the company of others, understanding others and valuing our needs, healthy boundary, forgiving, easily give and receive love. Feeling of self love.

Color - Green

Heart Chakra


Location - Throat

Physical connection - Throat, neck, ears, jaw, mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, and thyroid gland

Fears - being judged for expressing yourself, being judged for expressing anger, being judged for expressing your truth

Unbalanced - Repressed and unexpressed anger, stifled individuality, blocked and lacking creative expression

Balanced - Speaking clear and confident, articulate, expresses self in a variety of ways, speaks up for self and the repressed, feeling heard and respected, enjoys listening, shares joy with others.

Color - Blue

Throat Chakra


Location - Forehead


Physical connection - Eyes, brain, pituitary and pineal glands, lymphatic, endocrine systems, and sinuses


Fears - of making wrong decisions, alternate points of view disturbing long held rigid beliefs


Unbalanced - Clouded, chaotic, obsessive, repetitive and ruminating.


Balanced - Good memory, trusting, plan ahead, synchronistic life, intuitive, good quick decision making, insight, clarity, discernment and artistic

Color - Indigo / Purple

Brow Chakra


Location - Top of head


Physical connection - Brain


Fears - release of resentments and perceived vulnerabilities, danger, surrender to unknown

Unbalanced - Self obsessed, loss of faith, anxiety, depression, alienation, inability to learn and boredom

Balanced - Understanding in bigger context, right place right time, sense of belonging, easy to learn new things, joyful, ethical, moral, purpose is known, peaceful and connected to wisdom.

Color - Violet / Purple

Crown Chakra