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CognoCosncious 2024 Heading


Leah Seneff

Chief Operating Officer




CognoConscious: The 5-Day Event Poised to Transform Realities and Elevate Consciousness


San Diego, CA 2024 – Cognomovement is thrilled to announce its upcoming CognoConscious event, a 5-day transformative experience designed to shift realities and elevate consciousness. Scheduled for May 27-31, 2023, this groundbreaking event is not just another motivational seminar; it's a profound journey of transformation that promises tangible, lasting change.


"CognoConscious is about real, timeline-shifting change. It's not just about leaving with a plan; it's about experiencing a fundamental shift in your reality," explains Bill McKenna, co-creator of Cognomovement. "This event is for those who are ready to let go of the 3rd dimension rules and live a 5th dimension life."


The event is tailored for individuals eager to make significant changes in their life, relationships, career, mental health, and physical well-being. "Our last few years have shown us the need for control over our personal realities. CognoConscious is here to guide attendees in reclaiming their power," says Liz Larson, co-creator of Cognomovement.


What to Expect at CognoConscious:


- Transformational Workshops: Led by Cognomovement's founders, attendees will delve into exercises and teachings designed to propel them into their desired reality, experiencing living in the 5th dimension.

- Elevated Consciousness: The event will fast track attendees' manifesting abilities, raising their consciousness and shifting their perspective.

- Emotional and Physical Processing: Attendees will navigate the emotional scale from Shame to Enlightenment, experiencing profound shifts often described as miraculous.

- Revolutionary Techniques: Utilizing CognoQuantum, The Hawkins Scale, and The Map of Awareness, participants will undergo a complete transformation at the core.


Katie Wrigley, a Chronic Pain Management Specialist and Level 2 Cognomovement Practitioner, shares her experience: "The outcome from my first CognoConscious was life-changing. I was able to cancel my neurosurgery and forever change my pain state."


Who Should Attend:


CognoConscious is designed for those who are ready for a challenging yet fulfilling experience. It's for individuals who want more than temporary inspiration and are ready to embrace a dramatic shift in consciousness and reality.


Event Details:


- Date: May 27-31, 2023

- Location: TBD

- Registration: Presale Tickets are available now. Interested participants can register at


Join us for this life-altering event and step into the reality you've always desired. For more information and to secure your spot at CognoConscious, please visit


About Cognomovement:

Cognomovement is a pioneering mind-body integration system co-created by Bill McKenna and Liz Larson. It offers a path to personal growth and well-being through a unique blend of cognitive exercises and cross-body movement. Cognomovement has empowered individuals worldwide to achieve their full potential and live their most desired realities.

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