Intro to Cognomovement and Secrets of the Masters Seminar Testimonials

I am such a tense person. I don’t feel tension in my face anymore.  My biggest problem was Shame, it trickled into everything in my life. I had been working with Cognomovement for a while with this problem and I brought it down from a 10 to a 6, but I just couldn’t knock it out. After attending this seminar it is down to a 0!



I especially enjoyed when we did the healing on the phone.  To see that kind of measurement just opened up my mind about how to help my friends and family to heal. 



Before coming to this Introductory Cognomovement Seminar, I knew that there are levels of consciousness that can be measured, but I didn’t know how to affect that for myself and transcend to higher and higher levels of consciousness.  To now be able to do that is a really big deal, because as we learned, most people’s consciousness levels never change over the course of their entire lifetime, so [what Bill taught us] was incredibly valuable.



I felt immense improvement in two very personal [problems] I have pretty much had all of my life and that is just mind-blowing to me and I can’t wait to share it with others.


The biggest thing for me was I relieved a lot of pain this weekend.  One of the fun and exciting things was when I helped a person’s pain level go from a 10 to a 0 [using Bill’s technique]


I have had back pain since I was 17.  During the seminar I got it down to a pain level of 0.

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