Liz Larson

I have spent a lifetime transforming! I know that change can be very difficult for some, but for me change creates the greatest exhilaration!
I am inspired most by IDEAS. Within an idea are a myriad of new possibilities and the chance for a brand new perspective. A new perspective can lead to a small shift which can create something new! From something a small as another new idea to a whole life change!
I discovered that Ideas and Possibilities are something I hold in the highest regard during my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner training with NLP Pacific in Seattle in 2015. This was during one of my many transformations, I was moving away from being a You Tube personality with more than 400 million views, teaching commercial cake decorating. I was helping viewers create businesses around the world.
Before that I was a CEO, Co Creator and Sales Trainer in the Car Sales and Repair industry for a long 12 years!  While these seem like radically different businesses, the thread between them for me is helping people create outcomes that improved their lives and their business! My specialty is creating Strategies, thinking outside of the usual constraints and imagining new

This is how Transformation Strategy was born and how I can best serve myself, my friends and family, my clients and the Universe.