A Beautiful Effect of Unblocked Energy

If you’ve been following our posts the past few months, you’ve heard us talk about some of the strange and absolutely amazing things that occur after a Cognomovement Session or Seminar.  The following story adds Gorgeous to the strange and amazing...

I met Kate at a local networking group and was instantly fascinated with her and her work. She is a brilliant Dr. of Physical Therapy AND she works in the energetic field as well (Very Cool).  We realized that our work had some interesting overlaps that we decided to explore by experiencing each others work.

In early November  Kate came to my office to experience a Cognomovement Session. She was curious and interested in the work, and since she was there anyway we decided to do a little work around the stress of the upcoming Holiday Season. We definitely got her energy moving and created some big releases and she said she enjoyed the session. However, when I did my customary 5 day follow up, she didn’t really have anything dramatic to report.

The follow up questions consist of 5 simple questions asking what if anything has changed in the following categories: Over all  Energy, Mood, Focus and Attention, Creativity, and Sleep. We ask for people to quantify if they are better, worse or the same.

Due to the nature of the way Cognomovement works, many people display a form of amnesia for the original condition that brought them to have a CM session in the first place. The five questions are great at jogging the memory and pointing out the new ways in which they are functioning. Many people find themselves shocked by just how much things have changed and how the improvements have become a fabulous new normal.

Kate reported some small improvements across the board, but nothing dramatic. If anything, the one thing that she might have hoped to improve had stayed the same.

Until that is…. We met for a chat at the end of  December. I love having the opportunity to visit with her. She has invaluable insight on our research with the Cognomovement System, which is expanding almost daily. With her wealth of knowledge about how the body works AND her expertise on all things energetic, let’s just say it’s a real treat!

Kate shared that she had the opportunity to submit a painting to a local Art Museum and that it had been displayed during a special Holiday Showing. Then she showed me this glorious piece of work that you are looking at now. As a dabbler in the arts myself, I immediately saw the exquisite detail and level of difficulty in her work.

More than that, however I noticed the depth of beauty and the emotion that it elicited. I was drawn in by how the light seemed to show through the delicate petals. As we chatted about the painting, Kate shared that it was the first thing that she had painted in 8 years. She had rarely worked in acrylic paint (which is the medium this Dahlia is painted in)She had never painted on Clayboard (this painting is on a Clayboard) She had never painted or drawn a Dahlia,nor did she do any practice drawings. Her work had mainly of faces and people.She also shared that she had never had formal lessons, but had used art to get through some tough times much earlier in her life.

She also shared that in the recent past she hadn’t had the energy or drive to paint. Life, work, kids, family and a thriving Practice used up the energy and time needed for such things. However, all of a sudden she did have the energy, not only the energy but the ability to organize her thoughts, to set other things aside and make time to create. She shared that normally just the idea of having to lay down the background paint before starting the flower would have seemed daunting, but now it became easy.

What happened next is the real surprise, Kate shared that she easily figured out how to create the intricate geometric shape of the Dahlia on the canvas. She said that it just came to her. She carved out 2-4 hours a day over the next 8 days and finished her masterpiece, which in the past committing to this kind of time would have been nearly impossible.

As we chatted about the piece and I marveled at is beauty, Kate had a realization. “Wait a minute”, she said, “What was the date of our Cognomovement session?” I checked my calendar  and confirmed that the session had been with in days of Kate starting her painting!

As it turns out bursts of creativity are reported very often after a CM experience. It makes sense if you consider the amount of blocked energy that is released back into the system during even one session. So often the things we want to do seem so out of reach simply due to a lack of physical, mental, or spiritual energy.  We can feel blocked, lazy or even restricted in our ability to create, even things that are truly important to us can seem impossible.

When you experience how fast and easy it is to unlock the energy trapped in the body through a Cognomovement Session or Seminar you quickly realize that none of the things we think hold us back are the reason we can’t or don’t create. It’s really just trapped energy waiting to be unleashed!

And wow did Kate’s creative energy get unleashed. The proof is in each incredible brush stroke. I want to thank her for letting us share her story and her artwork. I’d also like to invite you to share your amazing stories with us as well.

Bill has made some incredible discoveries as of late that we will be sharing with you very soon as well.

When you are ready to experience the release of your trapped energy,  join us at one of our upcoming Cognomovement Events or book a session with Bill McKenna, Liz Larson or one of our CM Practitioners.

I hope to meet you in person soon and that you have the opportunity to feel your own creative juices not only flow but soar!

Much Love, Liz


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