A Big Surprise and Discovery!

Over the past year I’ve had the great privilege of sharing amazing stories generated by clients using my Cognomovement Technology. However until recently, we just measured success by the improvements in experience. If you’ve been watching me on Facebook live you may have seen that we can now measure the energetic changes that are occurring through the BioWell technology. Today, I want to share with you my own story and a discovery that still has me shocked and investigating!

Here it goes……

Since acquiring the BioWell equipment, I have been doing a lot of testing. I want to know exactly what is happening before and after doing energetic processes, like forgiveness work, as well as before and after Cognomovement sessions. I’ve been working with clients, volunteers, family members and obviously myself! All of the results are fascinating, but this result I did not expect. The following images are of my energetic field. In this first image you are looking at my Energy Field. Notice that it appears fairly uniform in thickness and density. It is solid, with no gaps or holes in my energetic field, these are all good markers and what I might hope and expect to see. The image signifies balance in my Energetic Field, and correlates to an overall balanced system and health. This me on a Saturday about midday after meditating.

The next image is of me the next morning at about 7:30 a.m. We had gone to a Mexican dinner the night before, I was in a great mood, so I decided to have a Cadillac Margarita….then half of another. They tasted great and I really enjoyed the experience. They weren’t especially strong and I would never have expected the results you can clearly see here! My Auric Field looks like a bomb went off in it! Whole chunks are missing! It’s now thin and irregular! It’s clear that my energetic field took a big hit! All I can say is wow! Who would have guessed that less that two drinks could have taken

such a big toll on my system?

The next two images are another measurement, this time it’s of my Chakra system. You can see both the energetic output of each Chakra (by the size) and also it’s relative alignment. Notice the dramatic changes in the sizes of the spheres!

So what can all of this mean? It means that our energetic fields can be quickly and dramatically affected by what we ingest. That’s interesting on it’s own, but what are the ramifications of having our fields affected so dramatically? My mind went immediately to how holes in my Auric Field might make me vulnerable to outside energy, possible illness and even mental or emotional distress! This something I have been teaching about for years. We're coming into a Season that is a minefield of things that can blow holes in our Energetic Auric Field! There is all the fun stuff that goes along with Holiday Parties, alcohol and sweets! There is also all the stress and pressure of Family, Travel, Overspending and more! So what can we do to not only protect ourselves from the Holiday pitfalls, but come out better on the other side?

Take preemptive action! We need something quick and effective! There seems to be no busier time than the Holidays. I highly recommend using Cognomovement for just this reason. In fact I planned a class for you to address the three big topics, Holiday Family Drama, Overindulging on food and alcohol, and Easing Stress and Depression. I’ll guide you through a process designed to target the specific thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that come up for each topic. You can use them to clear in advance to avoid running in to the problem in the first place or you can use them to clean up after the fact. Once you learn the process, you can then assist your friends, family and clients to get through this Holiday Season happier, healthier and even wealthier!

Join me November the 18th , 10:00 AM for this Live Online Interactive Class

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