Are You Experiencing "Back to School Stress"? 5 Ideas for Shutting it Down!

About two weeks ago I started seeing ads on TV about backpacks... And I started to panic! Since my first kid started school 22 years ago, back to school always made me crazy, my own little PTSD! The weird thing is that this year I don't have any one in school. So why does it still make me have a panic attack? Because there are so many traumatizing things for kids and parents about school.

Think back to when you were in school. Do you have any bad memories, incidents, accidents, trauma? I sure do! I think I threw up at school every year until the 6th grade! I would worry on the first day of school about when it might happen! I still have a reoccurring dream that I'm back in middle school and I can't find my locker, I don't know the combination, AND I've missed a class for the whole year! Now I've been out of school for longer than I'd like to admit, lets say it's decades, and I'm still haunted!

So It made me think about all of the parents and kids out there struggling as the school year gets back into full swing. I think the first thing to acknowledge is that the stress of it all can have a big impact on our bodies, minds and well being. It only makes sense to do all that we can to eliminate or ease stress, but how?

First let's talk about what is causing all of the stress in "Back to School"...

Join me as I share the list and some really useful solutions in this video!

(Plus see how to use Cognomovement with your kids!)


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