Are you practicing Energetic Hygiene?

An article by Liz Larson

I know, you’re probably asking, “What kind of question is that”?

As it turns out, it can be an important question for Empaths, Healers, Energy Workers, and Sensitives in general! It’s also a subject that many in the Energy and Healing fields find hard to grasp. There seems to be two basic camps:

One, believes that a person can be affected by negative energies and entities and the other feels that this could be a violation of free will and therefore isn’t possible. I found

myself part of the second camp, that it was just too close to the religious idea of possession or demons, ideas that didn’t agree with my own understanding of energy and alignment. Even after I witnessed my good friend Bill McKenna share energy/entity clearing exercises at his seminars, I still felt skeptical. Even after I witnessed people experiencing relief after practicing the exercises, I still had my doubts. Then the light bulb came on! My practice is to ask HOW and not why. I simply began to ask my higher self how this is possible and what might be the explanation? The answer came quickly and is surprisingly simple!

Consider this... we have entities that “attack” and affect our bodies all day, every day! They are called bacteria, viruses, and parasites! Yep, that’s right! If you think about it, these are live beings that invade our physical bodies continually and often create negative physical symptoms as a response to the invasion. We all do everyday things to prevent and avoid these entities from negatively affecting our health. Things like washing our hands, avoiding people who are already sick and taking immune boosting herbs and vitamins, all assist in keeping us well. This lead me to the next logical conclusion…

Since all of this is a part of our natural world then why would our energetic system be exempt? As it turns out it’s not!

We come in contact with lower vibration energy and entities as often as we come into contact with bacteria, viruses and parasites. Some could even be one and the same! Strangely the symptoms can be the same as well! The ways in which these “infections” can affect us are as varied as the people and energetic systems that they affect. Some very common symptoms are things I can safely say that most of us have experienced. Such as, fatigue (physical and mental), frustration, anger, and even that all too familiar stuckness! They can over tax our energetic and electrical systems as well as dull thought patterns and block our natural flow of well-being.

It now makes sense to me, that just as we practice physical hygiene to prevent disease, it benefits us greatly to practice energetic hygiene as well! The basic practices are simple and easy to do when you know how to do them! So how can you start?

Bill does teach some of these practices as a regular part of his “Secrets of the Masters” Seminar Series, and since attendees were getting such great relief, it seems as though the subject deserves a little more focus! So I asked Bill if we could create an online class with an in depth discussion about how to stay attachment free and energetically healthy! Happily he said yes!

Join us online! Sunday, August 12th at 10:00-12:00 PST. The cost is only $49!

Sign Up at

Feel clearer, stronger physical energy flow!

Regain mental clarity and focus!

Enjoy more stable emotional health and feel happier!

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