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How can you make a Quantum Leap in your Goals in 2019?

Do you know what it would take to meet and exceed your goals in 2019? Many would say that they need to learn something new to attain the next level in their upward climb to success! Some might need more focus. Others might need to train harder or smarter. There is always the need to have more drive or more energy, which is a big help in anything we want to achieve. If you are a coach or trainer, your task is to find a way assist your athletes with each of these.

So what would it take to have some or all of these come easily and quickly, for you and for those you coach?

Let me share a recent story of one of our Cognomovement Test Athletes. It’s a great example of using Cognomovement as a training tool for success! Every sport (or goal in general) has its challenges and complexities. Each Athlete has their own unique challenges within their sport. Because of this, we know that there is no one size fits all training regimen. This held true for Competitive Marksman, Scott L.

Scott had a specific goal that he wanted to achieve in a short period of time; He wanted to move up 1 slot within his rankings. This can take years without serious focus and training. Scott shared that many of his colleagues had been at the same ranking for years, so he knew that to make this leap quickly he would need something extra to get him there.

Enter Cognomovement Training:

At first, Scott thought the idea of using a ball with colors and symbols on it seemed weird, but he had stumbled on a problem in his training that he couldn’t get past. So he asked for help. The problem was that he had been told by a Grand Master in his sport that he would need to give up some accuracy during his training sessions to practice moving faster. In his sport you need both, and Scott was excellent in his accuracy and also fast, just not fast enough to get where he wanted to be. You see, Scott had been methodical in his accuracy training, taking time to make each hit. He had both a natural and trained accuracy and a strong muscle memory for it. We didn’t want to take away his accuracy, just his fear of letting it go temporarily to increase his speed. So, that’s what we cleared with the Cognomovement system. We helped him let go of the accuracy just enough to get his speed up and quickly his accuracy caught right back up. In the testing for the day, we shaved his time by 30%. Impressive for his sport! We went on to work with Scott in two subsequent, short Cognomovement intensives working on specific skills that he wanted to hone. Scott also did short solo sessions before each match. The result is nothing short of a Quantum Leap for this athlete!

He went on to hit and surpass the ranking he was shooting for! He also placed in the top 12% at his first major match of the Summer! This was a move upward of more than 15%! Needless to say, he is one happy Athlete who has learned a fast and effective way to train. He also learned that sometimes he’ll need to un-train his body and mind to make the next jump in his sport. He also found that, using the Cogno-Method of solo sessions, he can be at his best at each match. Scott reported that he has more energy during his matches when he takes a couple of minutes to train with the ball before hand.

“This is a physically intense sport, sometimes in harsh heat or cold. The extra energy really makes a difference.”

He now focuses on that sweet spot of being in the “zone” during his solo sessions. This

allows him to be calm, focused, and aligned. He never realized that being in the “zone”

where everything just falls into place is actually just a state of being that he could recreate any time he wants to! This is a major boost for him, and his competition is taking note! At a recent match, Scott helped both his teammates and some of his friends/competitors train with Cognomovement before a large regional match. They finished the match with 2 First Place trophies and one second place in their respective classes. All were very happy with their results. Their only complaint was that they wished that they had brought the ball on to the course to reset between stages! Next time… They will!

We’ve made great strides in uncovering how Cognomovement can assist athletes with getting to the core of what needs to change quickly to allow them to reach their goals. Increased focus, energy, endurance, balance and clarity are just a few of the magnificent effects of working with the system! Athletes who can clear mental and emotional blocks in their training, as well as clear things like fear from past injury or losses, have a much better chance of surpassing their own past wins as well as dominating the competition!

If you are ready to make a quantum leap as an athlete or to help clients, friends or family to achieve their goals in 2019, you are the perfect candidate to become a Cognomovement Practioner!

There are still two opportunities left this year and it couldn’t be easier!

Online and in person!

July 14, 21 & 28

Online Cogonomovement Practitioners Level 1 Course - Register Here!

The Cognomovement Online Practitioners Course is intended to those looking to obtain a Level One Certification. This Certification allows you to use the Cognomovement System with your Clients, to use Cognomovement Trademarked Materials and to be listed in an Official Cognomovement Registry.

September 20, 21 & 22

Live Cognomovement Seminar San Diego - Register Here!

This three-day event will include training for Cognomovement Level 1 Practitioner's Certification, Biowell testing, and Secrets of the Masters.


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