Do I Need to be a Ghost Buster?

Do I need to be a ghost buster to communicate with the other side? There can be a lot of confusion around all things considered paranormal. Most of us have become accustomed to the green-eyed, fright-filled faces of the TV “ghost hunters” basked in the light of night vision equipment. I get a kick out of them yelling, “Speak to us now!” into the darkness, as though anything would want to respond to that! They bring all kinds of electronic equipment, voice recorders, and even measure the ambient temperature. They are certain that anything they might hear or see must be evil and out to get them! I have to say that all of those antics might make me cranky too! But do we need all of these hysterics to communicate with the unseen, disembodied entities or loved ones who have crossed over?

It makes me wonder why pop culture makes communication with the non-physical seem so fantastic. Is there some effort by the powers that be to keep us from knowing that each of us have the ability? Even Spiritual communities often perpetuate the notion that we need to have a special “gift” to be able to communicate with the other side. While it’s true that some of our “Spiritual Celebrities” like Tyler Henry and Theresa Caputo seem to have cultivated their 6th sense or been born with an expanded ability, each of us have an entire body of senses that can help us connect!

This is a very interesting idea! What if each of our senses has the capacity to receive information from the unseen? Consider how each of us learns and intakes information uniquely. Some of us are more adept at receiving and retaining information through our auditory senses. Some of us are far more visual. While some learn kinesthetically or through movement and touch! We all use some combination, but most favor one or the other and if we are aware of our strengths we use them to learn and hold on to information. What if we used these same strengths to communicate with our other worldly counterparts?

Since were sort of trained to think that most of us don’t have a “special gift”, most of us have never even tried! This is where Bill McKenna’s class is so brilliant! What Bill knows that most of us don’t is that these same senses and strengths are exactly how each of us can begin our own Clear Communications with the other side! He also knows that our friends on the other side may need help learning the best way to communicate with us as well!

In Bill’s worldwide online class, he takes us through the no nonsense steps of clearing and opening each of these senses. He walks us through simple communications skills that speak to each of the senses and helps us learn which work best for us and which work best for those we wish to hear from. That’s right it’s a two way street! What’s best about the way Bill teaches this topic is that he removes the weirdness and replaces it with clear, easy and commonsense tools that everyone can use! Now how you use them is up to you! If you choose to start up a ghost busting TV show, well that’s your prerogative! However you certainly won’t need all the equipment or antics. And please promise me one thing, that you won’t yell into the darkness, “speak to us now”! For most of us, we’ll simply begin to enjoy clear, calm, satisfying conversation with those who no longer walk the physical plane.

I’ll be right there with you, see you Sunday!

Liz Larson, with the Bill McKenna Team

“Clear Communications” Online class this Sunday, October 21 st 10:00 AM Pacific.



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