Is Cognomovement the Energetic Tool that You Have Been Looking For?

An energetic tool? How can a ball with symbols and colors be used to affect our energy

body, our auric field or our chakras?

You may not know this, but Cognomovement was created to move the energy of the chakras! Early on in it’s development Bill McKenna, the creator of Cognomovement, was working with emotional, physical and spiritual blocks as they related to the chakras.

He knew that each chakra has a correlation to problems that affect our bodies and our lives. He began to notice that if a person had a problem with money, for example, they might feel discomfort in the root or second chakras. They would often describe low back pain. Problems with family might manifest as discomfort in the second chakra as belly trouble. A person who has trouble saying what’s on their mind might also complain of a chronic sore throat. He found by just knowing where the discomfort was, he could have his clients focus solely on the sensation in the body during a Cognomovement Session and the side effect was that the negative emotion would clear as well.

At it’s inception, the Cognomovement System was helping create big energetic shifts and providing relief in many areas in the lives of Bill's clients! It’s why he knew he needed to share this amazing energetic tool with the world! In September 2018, Bill was introduced to the Bio-Well system at his Annual Seminar in San Diego. All attendees and staff had the opportunity to be tested before and after the Seminar. The results were stunning! The Bio-Well System has the ability to show in an impressive visual, how the Energy of the body and specifically the Chakra system has changed! It was amazing for each of us to see AND it proved Bill’s earliest suspicions! Cognomovement was creating energetic and physical balance!

So what does this mean for Practitioners and Clients? It means fast and effective energetic shifts! It also means that the Cognomovement System works from many directions, and that the client doesn’t have to know the root of a problem or even talk about it! They can simply notice where the body is feeling sensation or reacting and focus on that during a very brief Cognomovement session!

Some of Bills favorite success stories also seem like Miracles! However they are repeatable and consistent and clients and practitioners get amazing results again and again!

"Like what?" You may be asking…

Bill worked with a woman who had profound hearing loss. She described it at a 95% loss. She also described it as a 100% return after one session! Talk about an energetic shift! She easily shifted the underlying energetic cause as well! Bill, along with many practitioners who use Cognomovement with Clients, have experienced a big energetic shift around the cravings of addiction, including but not limited to food, alcohol, pornography and cigarettes! Many have described corresponding relief in their lives and the situations surrounding the addictions! That’s Big!

Bill has had incredible reports of people being able to shift the discomfort of physical sensitivities as well. One patient reported working with an autistic child that had trouble showering because of a sensory perception issue. She worked with him with the Cognomovement System and now he has no problem showering! We’ve also had reports of light sensitivity clearing after a Cognomovement session. Maybe even more directly many Cognomovement clients and practitioners use short solo sessions to shift mood and energy. One of Bill’s team members Liz, says she uses it like a cup of coffee in the late afternoon to boost mood and energy:

“When I’m at the point in the afternoon when I can’t think straight and I’m totally physically exhausted, I will notice the Cognomovement Ball sitting on my shelf. I just grab it and set my time for 3 minutes and do one of our new rapid method sessions, using the eye accessing cues for extra measure. By the time I’m at the last position, I am fully energized! My head is clear and I’m ready to go back to work. I also have energy throughout the evening, It’s like having a double espresso!”

So often we get focused on trying to eliminate the problem or the symptoms or the discomfort and we forget that what’s really happening is that we are shifting energy! That’s everything! If you work in the realm of energy and chakras by yourself or with clients, Cognomovement can create a very fast and effective shortcut to longer, more cumbersome processes. We know now that with the energy shifts happening on our planet and in our beings that our abilities to heal and raise our vibrations are increasing exponentially! This tool is one that has moved rapidly with the energetic shifts and assisting in creating much needed change for it’s users and the planet!

Join us to learn how you can use this for yourself and your practice!

There are two opportunities to become a practitioner this summer


July 14, 21 & 28

Online Cogonomovement Practitioners Level 1 Course - Register Here!

The Cognomovement Online Practitioners Course is intended to those looking to obtain a Level One Certification. This Certification allows you to use the Cognomovement System with your Clients, to use Cognomovement Trademarked Materials and to be listed in an Official Cognomovement Registry.


September 20, 21 & 22

Live Cognomovement Seminar San Diego - Register Here!

This three-day event will include training for Cognomovement Level 1 Practitioner's Certification, Biowell testing, and Secrets of the Masters.


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