May I Ask Who's Calling?

Have you ever had the experience of knowing the phone will ring before it does? What about knowing in advance who it is and what their mood is? Most of us have! But, what is that? How do we know? What if it’s just information, sent and received? Consider all of the technology that sends and receives an unseen signal: Phones, TVs, computers, even the newest refrigerators are communicating! And yet, we never stop to wonder how this is happening. We just accept that one device sends and one device receives and that it’s perfectly normal.

What if the same is true for us? A person thinks about calling us (the signal sent) and we perceive that they are about to place the call (signal received), just that simple! What if this same idea is true for those who are corporally challenged?......Okay, those in spirit form. What if they are sending out signals all the time and we just aren’t aware that we are receiving them? What if we are receiving sensations, messages and signs on a regular basis and just haven’t learned how to decode them yet? This is precisely the topic of Bill McKenna’s upcoming online workshop, “Clear Communications”! We’ll spend two fun filled hours learning the SKILL of sending and receiving messages with those “on the other side”. These can include our loved ones who have passed, our Guides and Ascended Masters, and even Icons that we would love to talk to. Most people experience a clear communication in class and most will realize that we can easily recognize the messages that we have been receiving all along! The best part is that there is no previous skill or ability required! That’s right, you don’t have to consider yourself psychic or even have had an experience! Just the desire to learn!

Join us October 21st 10:00 Am PDT.



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