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The Disney Solution

Let’s face it, just about all of us have seen Disney Princess movies. I know my family has, because I made them watch each of these movies with me about a million times. They all have similar endings - a perspective has changed, what you were looking for was right there the whole time, or the scoundrel becomes the prince.

Here are some examples:

Brave 🏹

In this movie Merida, the princess of DunBroch was being forced to be a “proper royal lady” by her mother (The Queen) and to uphold tradition by getting married to a lord in order to rule over the kingdom. Of course, she does not want to marry at all, and so she fights for “her own hand” in marriage. Throughout the movie, she causes trouble, makes some questionable choices and in the end the bond with her mother is mended. The whole perspective of the kingdom is then changed, Merida is free to rule without a husband and the three suitors are relieved to know they don’t have to get married, either!

Tangled ☀️🌸

The lost princess never leaves her tower. She has been brainwashed by her “mother” - the witch who kidnapped her - and is afraid to leave for 18 years! Though there is no door to leave the tower, the witch comes and goes as she pleases through the window using Rapunzels long hair to rappel herself down. Rapunzel could have left the same way at any time throughout the years, but in her mind she was trapped and afraid of what was out there. Even though she had these feelings, she also yearned to know what was beyond the tower and knew there was more out there than what she had been told. Meanwhile the scoundrel, Flynn (also known as Eugene Fitzherbert) had stolen a crown from the castle and ends up sneaking into the tower. Rapunzel decides she is going to finally leave the tower and Flynn will be her guide. Through their misadventures, Flynn’s perspective changed about being a career criminal, and Rapunzels’s perspective changed about the world and found out that she was the lost princess! In the end, their lives are forever changed. Flynn becomes a prince and Rapunzel find her loving family and rules over a kingdom.

Are you starting to see where I’m going with this?

Mulan 🗡

This one is obvious, right? There were traditions and rules. She was to marry a soldier and become a wife and mother. Mulan could have been sentenced to death for impersonating a male soldier to fight in the war. In the end, she saved China and changed the course of her life by becoming a hero. She embraced who she was and defied what society expected of her.


Elsa was born with a magic gift. But because of a mistake that happened when she was just a little girl, she was told she needed to hide her gift from the world and even her younger sister. She had to grow up fast, try to push away the magic and be responsible. The two girls grew up in a dark and lonely castle. Until one day, Elsa’s magic was revealed. She chose to distance herself even further, and felt that she was stuck being alone and guarded for the rest of her life to protect others. In the end she realized that her magic really was a gift, that her sister would have accepted her even though she was different, and that she could take back her personal power which made the world a better place!

I could talk about all of them, in fact, I’d love to! But let’s just do one more.

Moana 🌊

The princess dreams of traveling beyond the reef, but she is held back by royal obligations and the guilt from her parents worrying about her safety. She knew her identity wasn’t just ruling the people on her island. She was meant for more! When she found out that her island and other islands were being destroyed and were slowly deteriorating, it gave her the courage to sail across the ocean and fulfill her destiny of saving the world. In the end her family embraced her differences and her life path changed. She was able to live the life she truly wanted.

While there are lots of lessons in these movies, the main one is that your dreams CAN come true. The way you wish to live your life is possible.

The hero’s journey is a valiant and courageous one. But does it need to take going to war? Saving the world? Fighting a god? Isolating yourself and keeping people away with ice monsters? Turning your mom into a bear?

Or could it just take you, a ball, and fifteen minutes?

In the end, your solution has been there all along. How to get to it without a lifetime struggle seems to be the hardest part. If you had a magic wand 🪄, you would have found it already! In other words, if it were easy, you would have just done it. So how do you leave the past in the past - the traumatic childhood, the family guilt trips, the expected obligations, etc. - without all of it dragging you down and move forward with a clear present and future? The trick is, to remove the feeling from your body and how your mind reacts to it. What if, all that icky stuff in the past felt just like a movie you watched once and it didn’t affect the life you lead now?

We encourage you to take the hero’s journey using Cognomovement. Pick up your ball, find where and how your body feels about your dream (or your issue around the dream). Sail the torrential seas! Fight off the bad guys! Cry! Laugh! Come out of your session as the hero of your story. New perspectives will be formed, the people around you will no longer hold you back, your magic will be restored…You ARE the princess! Or prince…we don’t discriminate.

There is no longer a need to continue suffering for years, because of Cognomovement. There is no need to build walls or struggle breaking them down. No need to pray, hope or dream. With Cognomovement, you can be your own savior, the victor, the winner, the one who finally has it all.

Don’t wish upon a star, embrace your magic with Cognomovement!

So, I only have one more question for you…Do you want to build a snowman?

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