We Have Experienced a Quantum Leap!

As I’m writing this blog post I can hardly believe what I am about to share. The last few months have been a whirlwind of creativity, testing, retesting, excited conversations and nose-to-the-grindstone work!

As a result, Cognomovement has undergone a Quantum Leap! I recently heard Lee Carroll, author and speaker, say that we are in a time in which healers and healing modalities will be accelerating exponentially. It truly seems like this is what has happened with Cognomovement.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Bill started out with the amazing discovery: that shape, color, cross body movement along with noticing where the body was experiencing sensation could create massive change. Auditory, visual and kinesthetic stimuli were all engaged at the same time, a combination that had a lot of power in itself! We noticed that the sensations shifted as we worked with all of these elements and eventually left the body, mind and spirit feeling much better than when we started. Bill was working with clients one-on-one who reported that issues they had been struggling with, sometimes for a lifetime, were diminished greatly or gone in as little as 15 minutes. His first Cognomovement sessions were 15 minutes segments, which felt like lightning speed! The pace at which people were experiencing change felt like little miracles!

Watch this video to see how Cognomovement Works!

When Bill released his discoveries to the public, a little less than 3 years ago, people around the world started to use the Cogno-ball for themselves and were able to create amazing changes in not only themselves, but in their families, friends and clients. All were using the original 15 minute segments. Parents began assisting their autistic children with sensory issues, cravings were being eradicated, toothaches diminished, and even babies with hiccups were helped and so much more!

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Our first group of Certified Practitioners graduated in April of this year, an absolutely inspiring group! It was during the preparation for the Certification process that the quantum leap began. We discovered that 3-5 minute sessions were having great results. This started with testing for our Athletic Performance study. The athletes we were working with were both impatient and also not wanting to wear themselves out before their events, so we tried shorter sessions with excellent results! Athletes began having what can only be described as Quantum Improvements in skill, reactivity, speed AND we found that we were changing belief systems and muscle memory in ways that allowed the Athletes to create new, desired skills! This alone would have been a great advancement, but there would be so much more to come!

The next advancement came with a, “HMMMMM, I wonder”. We began testing Eye Accessing Queues in combination with our shortened sessions, with results that were nothing short of astounding. Quickly after that we added a language structure that quickened results yet again! These original tests were centered around relieving stress and anxiety, but were quickly adapted for larger more intense issues, like shifting the energy in relationships, with equally astounding outcomes! We discovered that we could lift mood and energy quick! I personally think it’s better than a cup of coffee and use it as a late afternoon pick me up all the time!

The next advance surprised us even as we tested it! As it is a truly advanced technique, I won’t go into detail, however we began to get results in under 1 minute!!!! These results are not at all minor, and the fact that we can now create them in under 1 minute is staggering!

The quantum leap didn’t end here!

Next we had the opportunity to talk with a teacher about uses for the Cognomovement system in the class room. What he shared was both shocking and informative. You see, we had been thinking that the Cogno-ball would be great for kids to prepare for testing, and it is! However, this teacher shared that while testing is important, he and his colleagues were struggling with greater issues, like kids with trauma and the fall out in classroom behavior. So we went into action and began creating class room protocols that gave birth to the Cogno Group sessions! We now have the ability to help an unlimited number at one time get re-centered, focused, lift energy and mood, clear negative emotions and more! The uses in a group setting seem to be limitless! This also allowed us to create one on one protocols for students, teachers, principles and other supporting staff to aid in a safer, more productive learning environment! I can’t think of a more important place to have this tool!

This isn’t the end of the Cognomovement’s dramatic growth and discoveries, we suspect it’s only the beginning!

Bill is ready to share all of it with you, so that you can begin helping yourself, your family, your clients, integrating it into your business, creating a new business AND most of all changing the world! He has made it easier than ever to learn, create a business and start serving your community! I have been humbled and honored to get to share in such exciting and inspirational times in the Cognomovement Family. I so look forward to being a part of sharing this with the world and watching each of you experience this incredibly useful, simple and yet profound modality!

Much Love to everyone that has participated in Cognomovement so far,


If you know that you are ready to hit the ground running……

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