What Percentage of Your Brain are You Using to Solve Problems?

What a strange question, right? And really, how the heck would you know? Also, what difference could it possibly make?

All very good questions, but let me ask you something else before I answer those….

What if you could easily and effortlessly find solutions to your ongoing “problems” and challenges? What if the solutions are easily accessible and in your field right now?

Now, I know that if you are reading this, you are an awakened and educated person and that you have been “doing the work” of clearing past trauma, raising your vibration, and becoming your highest and best self.

However, for most of us there are those persistent problems or issues that seem to hang around and haven’t YET moved on allowing us the clarity, ease, comfort and focus that we desire. So why haven’t the things we have already tried worked?

Probably because they haven’t addressed the first question I asked you. What percentage of your brain is being accessed? This, as it turns out, is incredibly important!

We turn to some of the greatest problem solvers in history for proof! People like Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, and even Mother Theresa! What did they have that most of us don’t? The ability to actively use both hemispheres of the brain to solve problems!

They had the ability to think creatively with their right hemispheres. They each shared how they were lead to their greatest works in their dreams, through spiritual or even extra terrestrial interactions! It’s amazing as well, that they had no shame in writing or speaking about this phenomenon.

AND THEN….. they had the profound ability to use the left hemisphere of the brain to think linearly, scientifically, mathematically and in the case of Mother Theresa, practically! The combination speaks for it’s self in the legacy of these amazing people!

This is where Cognomovement comes to your rescue and it’s what sets Cognomovement apart from other modalities, it harmonizes your brain! Within minutes the Cognomovement pattern and unique ball activates both the left and right sides of your brain, allowing them to work together to create solutions unavailable to you previously!

Why is it so effective and so quickly? One very simple and yet crucial piece….. YOUR BODY! You read correctly! Your body can very quickly influence the harmonization and alignment of not only your brain, but your energetic and Chakra systems. Making all of the ideas, answers and healing that you are looking for immediately available for your use!

Incredible things start to occur when the brain and body are fully harmonized! Imagine having access to an increased amount of brain power just before going into a big meeting or working with a client! Imagine having the full body calm and creativity to manage your energetic kids! Imagine your child’s brain and body harmonized before school, just by tossing a colorful ball from side to side!

Beyond that, imagine having your full faculties to handle the tough stuff, like past trauma or deep family issues. Many of our Cognomovement Clients have reported that during their 15-30 minute session these issues became nearly or completely neutralized as a “side effect” of having their brain and body in energetic alignment.

The great news is that the Cognomovement system is very inexpensive and easy to learn and use. While there are many subtleties and variation to dive into, to get started only takes about 30 min. It’s great with a partner and great done on your own as well! Practitioners are finding that while Cognomovement is an amazing modality for change all on it’s own, it is an amazing addition to their current modalities and practice!

So far we see no end to the possibilities! Join us to see what’s possible for you!

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