What Was That Noise?

It’s Halloween season and what could be more appropriate than an investigation into what goes bump in the night? It’s fun and a little scary, but most of us have experienced things we can’t explain. Lights going on and off, a feeling of something brushing our skin, a sensation of cold where there shouldn’t be. Then there is that chill that runs down your spine for no good reason or the certainty that someone is watching you, but no one is there! These are things we often quickly dismiss or relegate to the subject of the Paranormal. But what if there is no “Para” about it and it’s just plain normal! Is it possible that it’s perfectly natural? Could the unseen be constantly trying to contact us, but we just don’t know how to read the signs? What if lack of knowledge and programmed fear are keeping us from a wealth of information, knowledge and comfort?

We’ve all heard of people who claim to be able to communicate with “the other side”. For some, this part of their physical system is open and available to the information being sent. The same way that some people have the natural ability to play the piano, some people are also adept at perceiving other dimensional communication. However, both can be easily learned by those without the innate ability! It just takes some training, information, and practice.

While some people to seem to have a supernatural ability to play the piano, we don’t generally place the ability to play piano in the category of the supernatural, so if a person wants to learn to play they simply take some lessons, right? What if we thought the same way about the ability to connect with our loved ones, our guides, or just cool people that we would like to chat with, but they just happen to no longer inhabit our physical plane … That’s exactly what we’re going to do October 21st in Bill’s upcoming “Clear Communications” online workshop! He will take us through the basics and teach the SKILL of communicating with loved ones, Ascended Masters, Guides and more! Join us for this live class and experience your first clear communication in class! This Halloween Season, things that go bump in the night may take on a whole new meaning for those of us honing this new skill! We’ll exchange scary goose bumps for goose bumps of thrill and inspiration!



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