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Who is This Training For?

  • Counselors

  • Therapists

  • Psychologists

  • Coaches

  • Physicians

  • Acupuncturists

  • Physical therapists

  • Massage therapists

  • Yoga instructors

  • and other professionals in health and wellness.


Do you have to be a professional in health and wellness?  No!  This training is also for:

Teachers and school staff.

Athletic coaches and personal trainers.

Business leaders and managers who want to improve productivity, revenue, and team building.

Anyone who is unhappy or disappointed in their job and is ready for a career change.

People who want to give back to their community and help others.

Those who wish to have better, faster and more consistent results for their clients.

If you would like to drastically increase the success in your clients lives.



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Cognomovement is revolutionizing what it means to create transformation... Join the revolution!

Become a Recommended Expert

Cognomovement transforms lives and offers incredible results, and having it in your tool kit will make you an expert in your field and differentiate yourself from your peers.  You could become the most highly sought after professional in your area by integrating this modality into your practice.  Be prepared for positive reviews, referrals and word-of-mouth business!


It’s a Whole-istic Approach

Cognomovement can clear blocks and delete patterns in any aspect of life - physical, mental, emotional and even consciousness.  It is a powerful method that is highly effective on it’s own or integrated with other modalities. When you find that you have hit a block in your treatment method, using Cognomovement can clear a “stuck” client in as little as 5-minutes allowing you to continue your treatment with enhanced results.


Achieve Better Results

Adding Cognomovement to your healing method will result in an upgraded, comprehensive and effective treatment that is long-lasting.  Cognomovement is a scientifically-backed tool that combines many highly-effective approaches into one modality, creating the most direct and impressive results.

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Grow Your Business

Lab-Tested and Researched

We Support our Practitioners

You will be shown our exclusive techniques and be supported in building a business around it.  Whether you already have a successful business or are just starting out, you will have access to business tips, materials, coaching and more from the beginning of your training and beyond.  This is an ongoing bonus and included in your tuition, we want you to succeed!

Cognomovement has been lab-tested and proven effective in changing brain state.  The modalities integrated into this method have also been researched, vetted and scientifically-backed.  If you are interested in viewing the report and other research, click the button below.

Our training is just as unique as the Cognomovement modality itself.  You will not only receive a substantial amount of training and transform your life along with it, you will be supported by Bill & Liz and our team of practitioners willing to help, collaborate and answer questions.  We are different because this support goes on past completion of the program, and you have lifetime access to it when you stay active in Cognomovement.

Hear From a Practitioner

Cognomovement is not a “mind over matter” modality.  It is a highly integrative approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit with a focus on the nervous system.

Want an introduction to Cognomovement?


In this program, you will be taking a deep dive into how Cognomovement works and why.

Be shown the step-by-step process of the system and how to know when the client has made a shift or cleared a block.

You will learn how to:

  • Activate the body’s learning centers

  • Delete or remap neurological patterns

  • Harmonize the hemispheres of this brain

  • Harmonize and balance both sides of the nervous system

  • Restore and enhance energy, focus, mood, creativity and more

  • Elevate awareness and consciousness

  • Immediately change state

  • Radically shift perspective

Cognomovement is being used by practitioners worldwide to:

  • Change emotional patterns

  • Relieve stress and anxiety

  • Change patterns of stress and discomfort

  • Remap peripheral neuropathy

  • Delete cravings

  • Assist in weight management

  • Help schools and students learn and shift behavior

  • Facilitate communication

  • Change patterns in relationships

  • Enhance natural healing abilities

  • Boost athletic performance

  • Change or shift timelines

  • Change genetic patterns

  • and much more…

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"Becoming a Cognomovement Practitioner has evolved my practice exponentially.  I am confident in building my practice using Cognomovement as my main modality.  Bill and Liz are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to all of my questions and concerns being a newer practitioner.  Being a Cognomovement Practitioner is extremely rewarding and I absolutely love doing this work!"

- Coral Simpson, Cognomovement Practitioner Level 2, Health Coach

A Cognomovement Client Shares


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Brain- and Neuro-Remapping



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Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Cues

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Neurological Bump

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Cross Body Movement

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Breath Work

Untitled design 11.png

Complex Geometric Symbols

Ion 5.png

3D Shape

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Eye-Accessing Cues

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Meridians/Accupressure Theories

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Energy Techniques


Bio-Energy Field

Why is Cognomovement Different?

With Cognomovement, there is no need to pinpoint, find or relive trauma (or whatever exactly is causing the problem) to delete the block or pattern from the body.  While talk therapy, counseling and other modalities can be effective, the Cognomovement method doesn’t need to discover what the issue is, it only needs to find the sensation in the body to delete it. 

This is not an “act as if”, “think yourself better”, “fake it ‘till you make it”, or “talk it out” method.  Cognomovement focuses on your body and your nervous system which makes for a more effective and longer-lasting treatment.  The modality can work wholly on its own as a complete, stand-alone method and can also be fully integrated with other healing modalities to create comprehensive and successful care.

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At the end of this training, you will not only have a revolutionized healing practice, but you may find that YOUR personal life has been transformed as well.  When learning this method, you will also be in touch with your own mind-body connection. Be prepared for your relationships, career, health, emotional state (as well as other aspects of your life to improve!

Cognomovement provides your clients with massive boosts in:

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There is definitely a marked overall improvement in the pre and post testing. Neurologically, there are several indicative findings that help in giving guidance to further therapeutic procedures. We are very impressed with Cognomovement therapeutics. As joint motion is the majority of neuro-receptive potentiation, to see its effects so clearly in the supra-cranial regions speaks volumes.

- Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., PsyTech Labs

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What’s Included in This Training?

  • 36+ Hours of Online Video Training & Classes

  • 18 Hours of Live Online Practical Training

  • 3-Day live training in San Diego (Lodging, transportation and food no