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Legendary Quantum Manifesting Retreat

Magical Mt. Shasta, ca | October 21-24

On October 21st, 2021, join Liz & Bill in Mt. Shasta for 4 days of exceptional quantum manifesting, mystical exploration, incredible sacred sites, and amazing people


Be shown an extraordinary method for reprogramming your body to be a manifesting supercharger

The Quantum Experience

"We are fundamentally talking about the ability to shift time-space reality, at least from one's perspective and perception.  It's as simple as changing how one's nervous system interacts with the world."  - Liz Larson

You will be adding the power of Cognomovement to change the way your energetic system interacts with the world around you to have an incredible combination of change, growth, and unequaled manifesting. 

Imagine how you will feel when you discover how real miracles and true magic are created through and by your body.

Experience the unique process of finding timelines in your Field of Potential, and the quantum effect that Cognomovement as a whole has on your life.

Mt. Shasta


October 21:

9 AM - 1 PM Intro to CognoQuantum

3 PM - Evening Visit to the "False Door" or the "Entrance to Telos"


October 22:

9 AM - 1 PM Enter the Quantum Realm of Healing

3 PM -Evening Visit Shasta City (The City of Crystals)

October 23:

9 AM - 1 PM Manifesting Miracles

3 PM -Evening Visit the Panther Meadows on the Mountain

October 24:

9 AM - 1PM Manifesting Beyond Time

3PM - Evening Visit to a Local Sacred Site

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Limited Availability

Claim your spot before we are full!

*Cognomovement Essentials completion required*

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