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Chocolate Cookie Craving

Bill  walks a webinar attendee though a remote Congo-Session to end his Cravings for Chocolate Chip Cookies. See the instructions for a Solo Cogno-Session

Session conducted by Cognomovement Founder Bill McKenna



Cognomovement is very effective at eliminating cravings.

This is a CM Session for eliminating the craving for Soda.

The Session is Conducted by Liz Larson

          Athletic Performance

Cognomovement can affect athletic performance by changing patterns in muscle memory.

Session is conducted by Liz Larson

Relieving  Test Anxiety

 Cogno- Group CognoCircle

A 14 day experiment was held during a

Children's Theater Camp. Cogno-Group

Sessions were conducted twice a day

before rehearsal and after lunch.

This video shows the progression of the sessions. Please see the interview below for the results of the experiment.

Cogno-Group Interview with Childrens Theater Camp Director Tom Gebo

Tom Gebo shares his experience with the Cogno- Ball during a 2 week summer theater camp in which he used the Cogno-circle twice a day with 60 plus kids.

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