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Help your team break through walls 


Whether your team works together at headquarters or is distributed remotely across the world, bring them together for breakthrough performance through the positive mind-body connections and team building practices of Cognomovement. 


Devote just two hours of your team off-site meeting to a hands-on, high-energy session with Cognomovements exciting new movement techniques. In two hours, your team will


-Move to a positive growth mindset

-Communicate with each other more effectively

-Learn to lift each other up

-Share a meaningful and laughter-filled experience together 

-Discover how the power of movement builds the power of team.


Do your remote workers feel isolated from their team or company?

Is energy lacking at headquarters?

Is your team performing well in many areas but stuck on some major KPIs?


How it Works

The right side of the brain recognizes three dimensional objects and where they are in time and space, this is the actual ball  The left side of the brain recognizes colors and symbols, these are on the ball.  The exercise simply has the the person focus on an issue and catch the ball and say the color they see on the ball. This is done to the left and right side of the body.


Why it Works

Cognomovement forces left and right brain hemisphere activation and coherence.  Problem solving becomes natural and easy when we use more of our brain. Things that were issues become non-issues, naturally, quickly and most often permanently. 


Get your company on the ball, the Cognomovement ball and results will follow!


Making it Happen it's Easy!

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Corporate CXO           

Executive One to One

A whole new method to very quickly shift attitude, perspective and find whole new creative solutions that can ultimately cause exponential growth and with minimal conflict.

On or off site private sessions available.  

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