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Cognomovement is revolutionizing what it means to create transformation... Join the revolution!

Who Should Join?

Are You:

  • Convinced that some problems just aren't solvable?

  • Uncomfortable in your life, body or relationship everyday?

  • Short on time ... and long on the desire to improve your life?

  • Smart, knowledgeable, experienced AND can't quite find your answer?

  • Certain that you've tried everything, but not getting the results you desire?

  • Tired of trying, but not willing to give up?

And are you

  • Dreaming of finally breaking through to your best life?

  • Looking for a fast and direct method for change?

  • Determined to make it happen in this lifetime?

  • Prepared to think about changing your mind/body/life in a whole new way?

  • Thrilled about creating miracles for yourself, your family, your clients and more?

  • Fired up about finally making permanent and lasting change?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you!

Cognomovement is not a “mind over matter” modality.  It is a highly integrative approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit with a focus on the nervous system.


Cognomovement can clear blocks and delete patterns in any aspect of life - physical, mental, emotional and even consciousness.  It is a powerful method that is highly effective on it’s own. Cognomovement can clear a block or pattern in as little as 5-minutes!


Basic Training is the foundation of all things Cognomovement.  You will learn how a Cognomovement session works PLUS how to do sessions on your own or with a partner, anytime, anywhere.  


Basic Training also opens the door for you to be eligible for all of our events, classes, retreats and workshops.  Not to mention, this will be your first step to becoming a Cognomovement Practitioner (if serving others and making a living doing it is something you're ready to do or are looking to do in the future).

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When using the system, you don't have to wait for results! You will experience the changes right away!

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The Cognomovement system works differently than any other system you may have tried.  It's not an idea or a concept, but tools that change you immediately.  The one thing we hear the most often from Cognomovement users is, "I just feel like a different person!"

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The Cognomovement system encompasses the mind, body and consciousness in a way that no other system does.  The approach is unique, the results extraordinary as well as reliable and repeatable.


  • An explanation of how and why the system works

  • A break down of the steps in each individual session

  • The benefits and effects during and after the sessions

  • Three methods for how to do a Cognomovement session - including two different methods for a solo session and one method for a session with a partner!

  • 1 Fully instructed session on the body

  • 1 Fully instructed session on cravings

  • 1 Fully instructed session on emotions

  • 2 Cognomovement Balls

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2 Cogno Balls

6 Modules

Full Descriptions of Each Module

3 Full Training Session Videos

A Bonus Troubleshooting Video

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  • Get access to the private Cognomovement Members Community Facebook page where you will be able to attend free classes, ask questions to Cognomovement Practitioners, Liz and Bill, and share stories and results

  • A troubleshooting video included in the video course answering frequently asked questions and preventing problems that beginners sometimes encounter

See What Our Cognomovers Have to Say:


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Brain- and Neuro-Remapping



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Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Cues

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Neurological Bump

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Cross Body Movement

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Breath Work

Untitled design 11.png

Complex Geometric Symbols

Ion 5.png

3D Shape

Untitled design 16.png

Eye-Accessing Cues

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Meridians/Accupressure Theories

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Energy Techniques


Bio-Energy Field

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Bill and Liz are so pleased to present the Cognomovement Basic Training Video Course.  They have dedicated their lives to this work researching, creating and expanding the Cognomovement System and finding new ways to share this incredible tool to the world!  And this new training provides an effective way for you to learn and start using the system right away to get the results you've been looking for.

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Cognomovement immediately creates massive boosts in:

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Did you know that your body has the ability to change your mind?  That information that your body holds has a lot to do with what you believe, how you react and how your mind works?  Did you know that your body can process for you the things that your mind can not? 

If you have the tools to create change in the way your mind and body interact, you literally have the power to change anything.

You might have noticed that we mentioned CRAVINGS earlier...

As it turns out, cravings are just another pattern in your system!  It can be deleted very easily.  In fact, when you do a Cognomovement Cravings Session, you get to fully enjoy everything you love about that food or substance.  But after the session, you simply have no interest in it anymore! 


Make sure you no longer want to crave that food!  Because once the craving is gone, it's really gone for good.

Relationships also often improve as well as the ability to be non-reactive to the things that use to bother us immensely.  Those who use this system feel more grounded and able to CHOOSE their lives rather than be run over by them!

Cognomovement clients report feeling more clear, free and positive overall and that their lives have just become more fun, without the old patterns that used to run their mind, body and life.  Many have reported finally being able to do, be, have or create that ONE THING they've always wanted, and that now it just feels EASY!

Even more than that, Cognomovement allows for Greater levels of consciousness, making the things that you want to create or experience in your life much more available!


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