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Your Blueprint for Transformation

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"Each module was like unpacking a heavy load which I no longer needed to carry."

- Shelby, Australia

Are you ready to transform your life from the inside out? The "Elevate & Illuminate Series" is not just another self-help program—it's a profound journey through the landscapes of your emotions, designed to unlock your fullest potential.

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Time Commitment:

We know your time is valuable, so we've designed this series to make every minute count. Just 90 minutes a month could set you on a path to lasting transformation. Each module builds upon the last, deepening your journey into personal growth. Can't make a live session? No problem! Every class is recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience. Plus, with exclusive access to our supportive Facebook community, you can continue to receive guidance and interact with fellow participants anytime, ensuring you never miss a beat.

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Relevance to Your Life:

Whether you're looking to mend a relationship, achieve financial success, or improve your health, this series adapts to your personal aspirations. Each module starts with an exercise that tailors the session to your specific goals. The issues tackled are universal, yet every participant's journey through them is unique.

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Guaranteed Transformation?:

While we can't promise specific outcomes, we can assure you that engaging actively with the series will bring about positive changes. Remember, transformation is a process—sometimes challenging, always rewarding. You'll have ongoing access to the session recordings, allowing you to revisit and reapply the lessons as new challenges arise in your life. Commit to the work, and you'll see the rewards—this series is the closest thing to a magic pill for personal growth.

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Meet Your Visionaries: Liz Larson and Bill McKenna

Begin your transformative journey with the co-creators of Cognomovement, Liz Larson and Bill McKenna. Liz, a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the author of impactful books such as "Suffering is Optional" and "The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting." Known for her innovative approaches to rewiring the brain and enhancing the body-mind connection, Liz combines cutting-edge psychological practices with profound spiritual insights, ensuring every session is rich in transformative potential.

Bill, the author of "The Only Lesson" and a recognized expert in mind-body dynamics, brings a wealth of knowledge from his experiences ranging from extreme sports to deep spiritual explorations. His insights into the mind-body connection are integral to developing techniques that catalyze substantial psychological, emotional and physical shifts.

Together, Liz and Bill deliver a powerful combination of deep knowledge and practical application. Their partnership enriches each module of the series, grounding enlightening content in transformative practices that promote genuine growth.

Why Join the Elevate & Illuminate Series?

  • Deep Emotional Healing: Each of the five modules focuses on a critical emotional barrier—shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, anger, and finally courage. With expert guidance from Liz and Bill, the creators of Cognomovement, you’ll learn to navigate and dissolve these barriers, freeing yourself from the burdens that have held you back.

  • Live, Interactive Sessions: Experience real-time transformation through live Zoom sessions. Liz and Bill's expert insights and direct guidance make each session an interactive and impactful experience.

  • A Supportive Community: Journey alongside a community of like-minded individuals. Share experiences, gain insights, and support each other in a safe and encouraging environment.

  • Practical Tools and Strategies: Gain access to unique Cognomovement exercises and psychological techniques that you can apply immediately. Each tool is designed to produce tangible changes, enhancing your emotional and psychological resilience.

  • Comprehensive Growth: This series prepares you not just for personal success but also sets the stage for deeper spiritual and conscious experiences, such as our annual CognoConscious event.

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I came to the realization that I was energetically holding onto a lot of grief and that I can now use the Cognomovement processes to clear the heaviness from my body and energy field.

- Marcy, US

The shifts and insights regarding buried emotions and unproductive life limiting behaviors were both subtle and profound and continue to deepen.


- Susan, USA

It is an amazing course! While doing the practices I found out so many memories that I didn’t know how much they were affecting me, best of all was changing in a way that I felt so empowered, my brain is working better and faster, in a very short period of time. Love it.


- Olivia,Mexico

I’ve had insomnia for decades now and it surprisingly cleared up significantly within the first Cogno session, I’ve been sleeping much better and my sleep cycle has miraculously improved, too.

- Kat, UK

In the third week of the course, I felt a breakthrough. An old pattern and feeling of 'Worthlessness of my work' started to disappear. Out of nowhere, I received an offer to exhibit my paintings at a vernissage - for the first time!

- Kelley, US

I feel so much more aware of what has been holding me back, of my potential, and of how to get there. This was a difficult course yet the reward is immense.

- David, UK

What’s Included in the Series?

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Module 1 Recording - Freedom Unveiled: Tackle shame and guilt to reclaim your inner peace and power.

Module 3 (1).png

Module 3 - Navigating Through Grief: Embrace the present with newfound strength and optimism.

Module 2 - The Apathy Antidote: Rekindle your passions and live with vibrant purpose.

Module 4 (1).png

Module 4 - Alchemy of Calm: Turn fear and anger into creativity and peace.

Module 5 (1).png

Module 5 - The Courage Revolution: Harness true power and step boldly into your future.

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Flexible Ticket Options: Tailored for Your Transformation Journey

We understand that everyone’s path to personal growth is unique. To accommodate your individual journey, we offer a variety of ticketing options that combine flexibility with significant savings:

  • Individual Module Tickets: Choose and purchase tickets for specific modules that resonate with your personal growth goals.

  • Full Series Pass: Immerse yourself in the full experience and benefit from all five modules at a substantial discount, ensuring you don't miss any part of this transformative journey.

Enhanced Bundle Options:

  • Starter Transformation Bundle: Pair any individual module with the Cognomovement Essentials Course for a discounted rate, perfect for those new to our methods.

  • Comprehensive Growth Bundle: Get the most comprehensive coverage by bundling the Full Series Pass with the Cognomovement Essentials Course, ideal for deep and thorough personal development.

  • Advanced Progression Bundle: Combine the Full Series Pass with a ticket to our annual CognoConscious event for a seamless and expansive transformation experience.

  • Total Transformation Package: The ultimate choice for those committed to full-scale change, this bundle includes the Full Series Pass, CognoConscious event ticket, and the Essentials Course, offering the greatest value and integration of learning.

Join Us:

Ready to start your transformative journey? Module 1 is already available, and Module 2 Kicks off on May 18!*

Missed a module? No worries! You will get the recording of any that you missed.

Your Path to a Transformed Life Awaits

Don’t let another year pass wishing for change. Join the "Elevate & Illuminate Series" and take control of your emotional well-being. Transform your challenges into stepping stones for success and fulfill your true potential. Dive into the 'Elevate & Illuminate Series' and emerge as the best version of yourself. It's time to not just aspire to make a living but to make a significant difference in your life and the lives around you. Let's transform together!

*Please note that the Essentials Course is required to join this series.

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