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What can Cognomovement be used for?

Cognomovement is versatile, addressing a broad spectrum of issues, blocks, and unwanted patterns. It functions like a universal remote for these challenges. As long as you're able to identify the physical sensation linked to your problem, Cognomovement can be beneficial. Please note, we cannot claim it cures diagnosable illnesses due to FDA regulations.

Is there any prerequisite knowledge or skill required to start Cognomovement?

No previous knowledge is required to begin Cognomovement. Our courses are beginner-friendly, breaking down the sessions into easy-to-understand segments with minimal physical exertion.

What is the Cognomovement Essentials Course?

This foundational course introduces Cognomovement, teaching you how to conduct sessions independently. It's a prerequisite for our advanced courses, classes, events, and trainings. Enrollment includes a Cogno ball and access to our private Members Community on Facebook for peer support, interaction with Certified Cognomovement Practitioners, and direct guidance from creators, Bill and Liz.

Can I do Cognomovement on my own?

Yes! The Cognomovement Essentials Course, along with our other video courses, offers detailed instructions for independent sessions. These courses cover each session's components and provide comprehensive follow-along sessions.


How long does it typically take to see results with Cognomovement?

Results often manifest within just one session. While outcomes vary based on the issue's complexity, most users notice positive changes after their initial session.

Can I use this with a child?

Cognomovement is suitable for children, with successful use cases in kids as young as 2 years old.

Are there any age restrictions for using Cognomovement?

We do not impose any age restrictions for Cognomovement.

Can Cognomovement be integrated with other forms of therapy or wellness practices? Absolutely! Many therapists, counselors, and wellness professionals seamlessly incorporate Cognomovement into their practices.

Where can I get the ball?

The essential Cogno ball is included with your enrollment in the Cognomovement Essentials Course.

How do I order my ball?

Inside the Cognomovement Essentials Course, you'll find a module titled "Ordering Your Ball," which provides a link and a coupon code for a complimentary Cogno ball. Please review our shipping policy for further details.

What are the technical requirements for accessing the Cognomovement courses?

All you need is a computer or smartphone with a stable internet connection.


Can I work with Liz or Bill?

Yes, for opportunities to work with Bill or Liz, please [click here].

What if I need help with a session and can't do it on my own?

If you need additional support, schedule a one-on-one session with one of our certified practitioners. [Find a practitioner here].

Is there a community or support group for Cognomovement users?

Access to our private Members Community on Facebook is granted with the Cognomovement Essentials Course purchase. For pre-purchase inquiries, reach out to us at or through our social media channels.

Are there any special offers, discounts, or packages available?

Yes, we offer bundled courses at significant discounts.

How do I stay updated with the latest news and developments in Cognomovement?

Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter.

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