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What are the benefits of working with a Certified Cognomovement Practitioner?

Guidance and Transformation

Experience Transformation with Expert Guidance

Achieve Breakthroughs in Personal Growth: Whether you're deepening your journey with Cognomovement through our Essentials course or just beginning to explore its benefits, our Certified Cognomovement Practitioners offer the personalized, one-on-one sessions essential for addressing significant life challenges and issues. Each session is specifically designed to align with your personal goals, issues, and circumstances, providing a targeted and effective approach.

Exclusive Selection of Practitioners

Quality Over Quantity: You may notice that our list of practitioners isn't extensive. This is intentional. We do not accept just anyone into our training program. Our standards for both training and listing on this page are stringent. Rest assured, this selective approach means our practitioners are truly the best of the best. We have full confidence in their exceptional abilities as Cognomovement Practitioners, ensuring you receive top-tier care and support.

Why Opt for a Certified Cognomovement Practitioner?

Expertise That Goes Beyond the Basics: Our practitioners are far more than just quick learners; they are true masters in the field of Cognomovement. When you work with a Certified Practitioner, you benefit from advanced techniques that are not included in our basic courses. These practitioners have completed a rigorous and comprehensive training program, which includes:


  • Over 72 hours of in-depth training.

  • Successfully conducting more than 20 client sessions.

  • Engaging in intensive live, in-person training exercises.

  • Continual professional development to keep abreast of the latest Cognomovement methods and techniques.

This extensive training and ongoing learning commitment ensure that you are in the hands of highly qualified professionals.

Praised by Scientific Experts


"There is definitely a marked overall improvement in the pre and post testing. Neurologically, there are several indicative findings that help in giving guidance to further therapeutic procedures. We are very impressed with Cognomovement therapeutics. As joint motion is the majority of neuro-receptive potentiation, to see its effects so clearly in the supra-cranial regions speaks volumes."

- Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., PsyTech Labs

The Distinctive Approach of Cognomovement


Innovative Healing Method: Cognomovement sets itself apart from traditional therapy modalities. It eliminates the necessity to pinpoint or relive trauma. Instead of focusing on uncovering the underlying issue, Cognomovement zeroes in on the physical sensations associated with it, effectively removing it from the body.

A Unique Path to Wellness: Cognomovement is not about superficial fixes like "acting as if" or "thinking yourself better." This method concentrates on the body and the nervous system for more effective and long-lasting outcomes. It functions both as a standalone modality and in synergy with other healing practices, providing a holistic path to well-being.


Begin Your Journey to Wellness

Take the Step Towards a Better You: Connect with a Certified Cognomovement Practitioner today and start your journey towards a more balanced and healthier life.

Bill McKenna Photo 2.jpg

Bill McKenna

Co-Creator of Cognomovement

Author of The Only Lesson

Co-Host of New Life Perspectives

Liz Larson Headshot 2_edited_edited.jpg

Liz Larson

Co-Creator of Cognomovement

Author of: Suffering is Optional and 

The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting

Master NLP Practitioner

Host of New Life Perspectives 

Create Miracles with the help of a Certified Practitioner

U.S. Practitioners

Ginny Jablonski Cognomovement Practitioner

Ginny Jablonski

Practitioner Level 2


Biowell Practitioner

Shiatsu Massage Therapist


Specializing in alternative pain and stress management

Katie Wrigley, Cognomovement Practitioner

Katie Wrigley

Practitioner Level 2


Trauma & Pain specialist

Specializing in Services for First Responders

BS in Business Administration

Available in person or via Zoom

Certified CognoQuantum Prac.

  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn
Annette Villaverde, Level 1 Cognomovement Practitioner

Annette Villeverde

Practitioner Level 2

New Jersey

Biowell Practitioner


Yoga Certified Kids & Adults

Oracle Card Guide

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
Coral Simpson Cognomovement Practitioner

Coral Buchanan

Practitioner Level 2


B.A. Psychology Certified 

Healthy Connections Coach
Working with parents and children pre, middle, and post divorce to have healthy relationships with each other and in all areas of life

In person or Via Zoom World Wide

Cogno Cafe Daily Cognomovement Classses

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Marina Raye, Cognomovement Practitioner

Marina Raye, LICSW

Practitioner Level 2





Dana Baldwin, LCPC

Practitioner Level 1

Portland, Maine

Licensed Clinical Therapist from UMass Boston

Specializing in Anxiety / Trauma and working with Police, Military, Veterans, EMT/FF, Adults, Teens

In person or virtual 


Colby Keyser MA, CCC-SLP

Practitioner Level 1


Speech-Language Pathologist

Specializing in working with individuals with autism and their families


Miriam Cutelis, Ed.S.

Practitioner Level 1

Northern VA

Creativity Coach (All Ages)

Special Education Specialist

Specializes in: 

Manifesting, Trauma, Cravings, Anxiety & Groups 

Bilingual: Spanish & English

Available Internationally Online & In-person 

(N. Va/DC/MD)


Angelika Schafer

Practitioner Level 1


Online and in person

Bi-Lingual German & English

MA in Rehabilitation - Physical Education

Certified in EFT, TRE, EMDR, Havening,
Flash Technique

Trauma/Stress Release


Brenda Burger, Ph.D.

Practitioner Level 1

Reno, NV

Specializing in Intuitive Holistic Counseling

Certified BioWell Practitioner

Certified Yoga Health Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor

Licensed Massage Therapist

Cranio Sacral Therapist

Neuromuscular Therapist

Ayurveda Therapist

Helen Beagley Cognomovement Practitioner

Helen Beagley, CMP, CCP

Practitioner Level 1

Draper, Utah

In person or Remote sessions via Zoom

Specializes in: 

Stress Management

Hormone Balance

Inherited and Ancestral Belief Release

Rob Spears, Level 1 Practitioner

Rob Spears

Practitioner Level 1

Port Townsend, WA

Holistic and Intentional Healing

StillPoint Institute Intuitive Healer certified

Pranic Healing and Psychology certified

Emotion and Body Code evaluation and nutritional supplement coaching

International Practitioners

Sandra Nathan Cognomovement Practitioner

Sandra Nathan, MBACP, EFTi, MFHT

Practitioner Level 2

Harley Street, London, UK

Zoom sessions available internationally

Specialising in:


Stress relief



Rebecca Harvey, BISW, RSW, MHT

Practitioner Level 1

Saskatchewan, Canada

Registered Mental Health Therapist

In person or zoom

Indigenous Social Work

Holistic Wellness 

Chelle Bea

Chelle Bea Blake

Practitioner Level 1


  • Facebook
Karen Peters, Level 1 Practitioner

Karen Peters

Practitioner Level 1

Basingstoke, Hampshire UK

Gemma Gannon Cognomovement Practitioner

Gemma Gannon

Practitioner Level 1


Certified Cogno Quantum Prac.

Cognomovement Classes

Would you like to become a Practitioner?  Click Here to learn how!

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