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Do you or your client have a big event, meeting, performance or critical game but are struggling with fear, anxiety, mental stress, physical stress, or something else?


Are you feeling:






Blocks holding you back?


Or for you is it something else?

Imagine what it would be like to get in there and change what needs to be changed today without planning, months of training, or years of therapy?  Imagine being able to clear your path to success using your body and nervous system and shifting the paradigm now.

This isn't "coaching".


This is far more effective and different than anything you have tried before.

The Cognomovement VIP Experience can give you months or even years worth of coaching results in 1 session.

With Cognomovement, you will not leave with an action plan to achieve results or a promise to be different.  You will leave changed, you will leave with results.

What are the Cognomovement VIP Sessions for?

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Emotional Trauma Support

  • Confidence Restoration/Building

  • Travel Fear

  • General Stress from Anxiety

  • Interpersonal Issues

  • Communication Recovery

  • Creativity & Idea Inspiration

  • Prevent and Avert Full Meltdown Mode

For Business

CEO's, Presidents, C-Suite Executives, Leaders, Family Business Leaders, Power Positions

All of the above plus:

  • Meeting Anxiety

  • Regaining Trust and Respect in the Workplace

  • Results Around Selling or Transitioning your Business

  • Results for Expanding Your Business

  • And more...

For Public Figures

Public Speakers, Singers, Musicians, Actors

All of the above plus:

  • Stage Fright

  • Speaking Anxiety

  • Memorization Issues

  • Physical Movement Issues and Improvisation

  • Career-related Phobias (i.e. heights, horses, small spaces, etc.)

  • Cast Disputes/Interpersonal Issues

  • Vocal Skill Improvement & Mastery

  • And More...

For Athletes

Boxing, Wrestling, Football, Competitive Marksmen, Dancers, Acrobats, Gymnasts, and more

All of the above plus:

  • Recovery from a Big Loss (Mental & Physical)

  • Injury Recovery

  • Fast Skill and/or Mastery Development

  • Player Dispute & Interactions

  • And More...

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