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Unlock Your Potential with Cognomovement

Imagine having a universal remote, not for your electronics, but for your life—Cognomovement is precisely that. It's a singular, adaptable tool designed to address your issues, eliminate blocks, and dissolve unwanted patterns. Whether you're an athlete seeking to master your sport, a student aiming for academic excellence, a professional climbing the career ladder, or anyone looking to leave past traumas behind—Cognomovement is tailored to catalyze a seismic shift in your personal and professional reality.

A Mission Crafted from Compassion

Born from a deep-rooted desire to aid healing and foster growth, Cognomovement is more than a methodology—it's a movement of transformation. Based in San Diego, California, we extend our transformative reach across the globe, providing workshops, classes, and training both online and in-person. Our mission is to arm you with effective tools to dismantle the old patterns holding you back, paving the way for a life of unlimited possibilities.

Tackling Life's Complexities

Cognomovement is a solution for everyone. It addresses a wide spectrum of issues with swift and profound outcomes:

Cognomovement Athletics
Cognomovement for tests

Athletes and Performers:

Shatter the barriers to peak performance and elevate your game to artistry without the grind of years of training.

Students and Learners:

Overcome academic anxiety, focus challenges, and absorb knowledge with unprecedented efficiency.

Cognomovement for Business Success
Heal yourself
Cognomovement Strength

Professionals and Leaders:

Catapult your career with enhanced skills, work-life harmony, and superior communication capabilities.

Trauma Survivors:

Release the grip of past traumas and move forward with clarity, making room for joy in the present and optimism for the future.

Everyone Seeking Balance:

If stress, anxiety, pain, or sleep issues are your battles, Cognomovement is your ally in achieving harmony and health.

A System Designed for Impact

Our Cognitive Movement Exercise System is not just another wellness fad. It's a groundbreaking approach, revered by a global network of healthcare professionals. Its versatility lies in its ability to produce powerful changes across various aspects of life:

Brain on Cognomovement

Mental Acuity: Sharpen your cognitive edge for a competitive world

Upgrade your life

Emotional Resilience: Cultivate the emotional strength to navigate life's ups and downs.

Upgrade your energy

Physical Vitality: Awaken a sense of vitality and energy that permeates through every action.

Relationships on Cognomovement

Relationship Dynamics: Foster deeper connections and build stronger relationships across all areas of your life.

Spirit on Cognomovement

Spiritual Awakening: Enhance your spiritual awareness, unlocking a new level of consciousness

Transformative Experiences Await

Cognomovement is more than just a system—it's a promise of personal revolution. Participants across the globe have experienced transformative effects: heightened creativity, improved focus and concentration, enhanced athletic ability, better moods, and improved sleep. The cumulative effect? A significant leap in awareness and consciousness.

Step Forward with Cognomovement

Join us on this journey of profound change. Explore the power of Cognomovement to recalibrate your life. Experience firsthand the profound shifts that await.

Discover how to reshape your reality and start your transformation today.

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The Visionaries Behind Cognomovement:

Bill McKenna and Liz Larson

At the heart of Cognomovement's transformative journey stand its co-creators, Bill McKenna and Liz Larson, a duo whose unique blend of skills and experiences has propelled this innovative system to the forefront of personal development and wellness. Bill, with his remarkable journey from an adrenaline enthusiast to a spiritual guide, brings a profound understanding of the mind-body connection, while Liz, the "Idea Generator" and "Mad Scientist," infuses the system with groundbreaking techniques for rewiring the brain and nervous system. Together, they represent a powerful alliance, combining Bill's insight and spiritual acumen with Liz's mastery in neuro-linguistic programming and her relentless pursuit of consciousness expansion. Their partnership has not only given birth to Cognomovement but has continually evolved it into a modality that's as dynamic and multifaceted as the human spirit itself.

Bill McKenna, Co-creator of Cognomovement

Bill McKenna

Founder and Co-Creator of Cognomovement

Author of The Only Lesson

Co-Host of New Life Perspectives

Liz Larson, CoCreator of Cognomovement

Liz Larson

Co-Creator of Cognomovement

Cognomovement Practitioner Trainer

Author of: Suffering is Optional and 

The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting

Master NLP Practitioner

Host of New Life Perspectives on UK Health Radio

Bill McKenna, a central figure at Cognomovement, blends scientific insight and spiritual wisdom to revolutionize brain rewiring techniques. His diverse experiences as an ultra marathon runner, helicopter pilot, and a survivor of a near-death skydiving accident, shape his resilience and innovative approach.

In 2017, McKenna co-developed Cognomovement, discovering that combining brain activation with body focus could lead to transformative change. This led to the creation of the Cogno Ball, a key tool in the methodology. His groundbreaking work has been featured in major publications like Newsweek and The Sun, and he has shared his knowledge at institutions like the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Today, McKenna continues to impact lives globally through his unique methods and teachings in Cognomovement.

Read Bill's Full Bio

Liz Larson is a visionary co-creator of the Cognomovement System, renowned for her innovative techniques in transforming the nervous system and brain-body connection. An author and a Master Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, her work combines spiritual and scientific elements, revolutionizing approaches in personal development and wellness. Liz is dedicated to training practitioners and students with her latest discoveries, ensuring the Cognomovement modality remains a powerful, evolving tool for overcoming personal challenges.

Residing in Southern Oregon with her family, she passionately explores the mysteries of consciousness and enlightenment, both in her local area and abroad.

Read Liz's Full Bio

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