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Crave-Free Mastery: Revolutionizing the Approach to Overcoming Cravings and Compulsive Behaviors

Cognomovement's New Program Offers a Groundbreaking Method to Rewire the Nervous System, Eliminating Cravings Permanently

San Diego, CA: In a significant breakthrough in wellness and self-improvement, Cognomovement has launched Crave-Free Mastery, a transformative program designed to liberate individuals from persistent cravings and compulsive behaviors. This innovative method promises not only immediate relief but lasting freedom, reshaping how cravings are understood and addressed.

Rooted in the latest advancements in neurology and the body, Crave-Free Mastery offers a simple, proven approach that aligns the nervous system, thus eliminating the deep-rooted causes of cravings and compulsions. This method is accessible to anyone, anywhere, and applies to a wide range of behaviors.

"Cravings and compulsions shouldn't dictate your life," explains Liz Larson, co-creator of Cognomovement Systems. "Our program is designed to free up brain space and remove blocks and patterns caused by the nervous system, allowing individuals to focus on what truly matters - their passions, goals, and dreams."

Alongside Liz, a master in Neurolinguistic Programming and a visionary in consciousness, Bill McKenna has co-created this life-altering program. Their combined expertise offers a unique and effective approach to personal transformation.

The Crave-Free Mastery program includes the Cognomovement Essentials Kit and the Crave-Free Mastery Course. The Essentials Course lays the foundation, teaching users the basics of Cognomovement and how to conduct personal sessions. The Crave-Free Mastery Course then zeroes in on the specific craving or behavior, effectively removing it from the body.

One of the many success stories comes from Karen, a former chocolate enthusiast: "Chocolate was my weakness; it was everywhere in my house, and I found myself snacking on it constantly. But after just one session with Crave-Free Mastery (Also known as Cognocravings), my desire for chocolate completely vanished! It's astounding how this change affected more than just my eating habits. I've started savoring my meals, enjoying every bite instead of rushing through just to indulge in chocolate. This newfound appreciation for food has also led to more meaningful dinner conversations with my partner. It's amazing how overcoming my chocolate craving with Cognocravings has unexpectedly enriched my relationship and overall quality of life." - Karen

This pioneering method is more than just a temporary fix; it's a journey to lasting freedom and vitality. Crave-Free Mastery is an invitation to break free from the chains of cravings and compulsive behaviors and step into a life of choice and control.

Begin your journey to freedom with three simple steps:


Customize your program, order your kit, and experience the transformative power of living free. Visit to learn more and start your transformation today.

About Cognomovement:

Founded by Bill McKenna and Liz Larson, Cognomovement is a groundbreaking system that challenges conventional approaches to personal development. By integrating cognitive and physical exercises, Cognomovement has helped countless individuals achieve profound personal transformations.

Media Contact:

Leah Seneff
Chief Coordinating Officer

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