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Flourish in Your Life
Create Relationships that Really Work
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Basic Training Video Course  

The first step to becoming who you were always meant to be in the comfort of your own home, at work, or anywhere you can take a Cogno ball!  This course allows you to work through any problem as soon as it comes up.  Basic Training also amplifies your results with a practitioner. 

Completion of this training allows you to be eligible for our events, classes and trainings, including our Practitioner's Certification Level 1.
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Create Real Relationships that Work

Create Real Relationships that Work

Imagine how your life will be when your relationships run smoothly with family, friends, coworkers and significant others.

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Reclaim Your Life

Experience life like you never have before.  Reclaim your mind, body and spirit.  Reclaim your happiness!

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Improve Performance in Minutes

You can bring your game up to the next level in just one session, imagine how far you can go with Cognmovement in your back pocket before every game!

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Achieve Professional Success

What are your business goals

Increase your income

Get a promotion

Pay off debt

It's all possible with Cognomovement

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After a Cognomovement session, my relationships, both personal and professional, have been 100% better!  Now, I can't imagine what my life would be like without being able to pick up the Cogno ball as soon as an issue comes up and clear it within minutes.  Cognomovement really does create miracles!


I had a craving for Diet Dr Pepper that I just could not get rid of.  I was drinking several cans a day.  After 1 Cognomovement session, I no longer crave the soda and haven't had a sip in months!

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I have gone through Basic Training, and have attended several Cognomovement events.  I ALWAYS get a result after a session.  After a session on my own in the course or a session during an event, I have created more income, better sleep, better productivity, and I've even lost weight because of Cognomovement! 




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