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Accelerate Your Manifestation Journey: The Power of Upgrading Your Crowd!

Hey dream chasers and fellow adventure seekers! Today, we're diving into this week’s New Life Perspectives Radio Show podcast with the dynamic duo, Liz Larson and Bill McKenna. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of wisdom, science, and a sprinkle of unexpected encounters that might just change your life!

The Cognomovement System ™ and Achieving Dreams

Picture this: someone walks into a session feeling like a stormy Monday, but leaves with the sunshine of a Friday afternoon. Liz and Bill share with us the power of the Cognomovement System ™, sharing stories of transformation that will have you itching to start living your dreams out today. They highlight the importance of mentors and surrounding yourself with those already rocking the dream life you crave.

Mirror Neurons and Constructive Interference

Ever wondered how vibes are contagious? Liz and Bill decode the mystery with the science of mirror neurons and constructive interference. Have you ever felt a surge of emotion watching a touching video or resonated with anger at an injustice? It's not just empathy; it's our mirror neurons in action, creating a shared experience. Our thoughts emit measurable frequencies, a phenomenon backed by scientific testing. They reveal the magic behind expanding your awareness and upgrading your thinking. Fun fact: thoughts are like radio signals, and Bill let us know how they can be measured!

A magnetoenCephaLoGraphy device is how this is measured! Instead of having an EEG where the sensors are attached to you in your head and measuring your brainwaves, you can actually measure them outside of your head. The sensors are out there in space and they pick up your thought and they can actually map it to your brain.

The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Positive Influences

All this science is exactly why it's so important that we learn the art of picking the right crew, understand the power of rapport, and why the emotional quotient of your social squad matters. Spoiler alert: your social choices might just be the key to unlocking your next level of personal growth.

Bill McKenna drops some truth bombs on the impact of your surroundings, urging you to curate conversations and connections that uplift rather than drag you down. He also explains that taking a break from the news might be the mental detox you didn't know you needed.

Supportive vs. Destructive Crowds

Bill and Liz challenge you to evaluate the crowds in your life that you spend the most time with. Friends, family, and co-workers have a drastic impact on your growth. Are they helping you climb out of the container like frogs, or are they pulling you down? Time to ditch the destructive and embrace the supportive!

Liz tells us that in general, if you have a group just chatting and they're talking about ideas that those people are on their way to something. They're going to do something with their life. They're going to change. People who are talking about current events in the news in general, like as their regular conversation, they're going to stay where they are. If you've got people who are just constantly trash talking, they're probably going to sink further down into whatever problem there is. Choose to surround yourself with people, groups, and inspiration that will help you achieve all your goals, not hold you back!

The Power of Up-Leveling

Get ready for a game-changing discussion on up-leveling in your personal and professional life. Liz and Bill discuss small upgrades that can lead to exponential changes. It's not just about climbing Everest; it's about the journey, the actions, and the positioning that spell success. Join clubs, go to events, and meet people with similar goals or that have already achieved what you desire they will help clear the path to get you where you want to go! The same thing is true with business. If you want to upgrade your business, find someone who has that level of business. See if you can befriend them. There's organizations for this, in fact, like BNI for business is a great one!

How Liz Larson and Bill McKenna Met

Ever wondered how this dynamic duo came together? Liz speaks on their serendipitous encounter, born out of a conscious effort to have quality conversations. After being surrounded by the same people, or similar types of people her whole life Liz wanted some great side conversations. Which eventually led her to asking Bill to come speak to a group she was a part of. Bill lives in San Diego. Liz lives in Southern Oregon. They had no reason on the planet to know each other. But if Liz hadn't made the decision to have better quality conversations, they would have never met. From Facebook groups to partnership and the birth of Cognomovement, this chance meeting is a testament to the magic of meaningful connections and a desire to grow!

So, dear dreamers, Liz Larson and Bill McKenna have unraveled a treasure trove of insights on the Cognomovement System ™, personal growth, and the power of surrounding yourself with the right vibes. Ready to dive in and unlock your dreams? The adventure awaits!

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