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Decoding Medicine's Future: The Nervous System, Healing Fields, and AI in Healthcare

Hey there! You won't believe the mind-blowing podcast I watched the other day with Liz Larson, Bill McKenna, and the incredible Dr. Cheng Ruan. It was like diving into a world where medicine meets futuristic technology and ancient healing practices.

They kicked things off with Dr. Ruan's introduction, diving into his groundbreaking work at the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine and the Physician Transformation Institute. His focus on battling burnout among doctors and unraveling the roots of chronic illnesses is game-changing.

The talk quickly got mind-bending when they started exploring how our nervous system isn't just confined to our bodies but reaches out into the world around us. They even backed it up with evidence about electromagnetic fields syncing up between people! Imagine that!

And get this—ancient healing methods using frequencies? They're making a comeback in modern medicine! Liz and Dr. Ruan painted this vivid picture of how these frequencies could be the future of healing.

Then, they took a turn into the world of insurance and how doctors are getting recognized for making us live healthier lives. Dr. Ruan's all about doctors prescribing lifestyles instead of just meds—a pretty cool perspective, right?

The conversation got personal and deep when they tackled our habits and identity. Dr. Ruan shared this genius idea of the "five whys," digging deep into why we do what we do. It's all about tracing those habits back to their roots, which could be linked to something way back in our lives.

And hold onto your seat for this—the Brain Health Navigator! It's an AI tool Dr. Ruan talked about that's all about understanding and improving brain health. Total game-changer!

They also dove into mental health and brain health connections, personal stories of misdiagnosis, and the rise of AI in healthcare. Imagine AI helping doctors make better decisions based on patient data—it's the future knocking on our door!

This chat wasn't just about medicine; it was like unlocking secrets to a healthier, more connected future. Mind officially blown!

Watch the full podcast here:

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