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What is your nervous system saying?

Do you often find yourself expecting the worst from others and then receiving it? Your nervous system is having a conversation with the world around you causing your thoughts to become your reality. All relationships, whether they're romantic, family, or even in business, essentially boil down to two nervous systems having a conversation.

Our nervous systems are constantly sending out signals to those around us. Telling our loved ones without words what we are thinking, feeling, and what we desire based on what we have experienced over the course of our lives. These messages can create issues and strife when they are not confronted and discussed.

Think about it: our subconscious is our nervous system, and it's responsible for those automatic feelings that guide our decisions. In the realm of relationships, these subconscious elements include our past experiences, cultural backgrounds, family opinions, and every little thing that has ever impacted our feelings and choices. It's astounding how all these factors play a role in shaping our interactions with others.

One key aspect is the initial infatuation stage, where our nervous systems light up, and we become obsessed with someone. It's an exciting, almost maddening time, but it's not a reliable foundation for a lasting connection. What we've come to understand is that true love is different from infatuation. Love is about seeing someone for who they truly are, quirks and all, and still feeling that connection.

But here's the catch: when infatuation evolves into a relationship, and life inevitably happens, our nervous systems come into play. We start to push and pull against each other based on our personal histories and insecurities. It's as if our past experiences are projecting themselves onto our present, and our partners unknowingly become symbols of everyone who's ever hurt us.

This can lead to irrational reactions and conflicts that seem out of proportion to the present situation. And the truth is, your partner can't magically make it all right because they're dealing with their own past and insecurities. It's a cycle that can lead to resentment and, eventually, relationship troubles.

An easy solution to this dilemma is to empower people with tools like the Cogno Movement System to put their nervous systems back into a neutral state. If more people had the ability to see through the infatuation and recognize their insecurities before entering a relationship, we believe there would be far fewer divorces. If we all worked on understanding and addressing our insecurities and recognizing the neurological conversations happening in our relationships, we could build healthier and more fulfilling connections.

The key is to be honest with ourselves, acknowledge our insecurities, and have open conversations about them. That way, we can avoid the unnecessary bullets of miscommunication and emotional turmoil that so often plague relationships. It's time to transform how we approach relationships, one neurological conversation at a time!

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