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Experience CognoConscious

The Most Reality-Changing and Transformational Event of the Year

Are you willing to let go of the 3rd dimension rules in order to live a 5th dimension life?

Your dream life is achievable in this lifetime, during this event.  Now is the time to transform your life in just 5-days.

Join us September 9-13 in beautiful San Diego, CA


CognoConscious is the only event of its kind.

How many events have you attended that gave you an event high, a plan of action and lots of motivation and commitment to change, only for that high to wear off in a few days?  How long have you searched for real, timeline-shifting change only to be left feeling like there's more work to be done and the results were disappointing? CongoConscious is different than any other event.  You don't leave with a plan, you leave having already changed your reality. Now is your time to make the lasting changes you have been searching for.

This work is important. You will be doing work that not only raises the vibration of your life, it also raises the vibration of the world.

Are you willing to let go of the 3rd dimension rules in order to live a 5th dimension life?

Are you prepared to attend CognoConscious knowing you will spend 4 days actively shifting your reality?

Are you ready to manifest faster than ever, from your own field, instead of asking some outside force for what you want?

Are you ready to experience one of the hardest and most fulfilling events of the year?

Last CognoConscious, We Opened a Portal!

Bill and Liz, Cocreators of Cognomovement

Get Your Tickets to CognoConscious Now!

Join Us in Sunny San Diego, CA


This event is hard.  It is only for those who are ready to make significant changes to their life, relationships, career, mental health and physical well-being.

The last few years have taken a toll on so many areas of your life.  CognoConscious is here to help you take your energy back, take your power back and take your life back. The world has been out of control, attend the event of the year and regain control of your own reality. Transformation is essential to changing the course of your life this year.

What does CognoConscious transformation mean?

Propel yourself into:

The reality you desire

Experience living in the 5th dimension

Raise your consciousness and elevate your being

Fast track your manifesting (and other abilities)

Gain massive energy back from the 3D blocks draining your power

Shift your perspective, shift your timeline

Change your relationships - romantic, platonic, career and familial

Even more changes that seem like miracles!



You have probably heard time and time again that you create your own reality.  But HOW do you create the reality you desire?

And in a universe where all possibilities exist, how do you access those possibilities that you wish for and bring them into your field?

The answer is CognoConscious.

CognoConscious is a revolutionary live class where most attendees report feeling like a different person, in the best possible way.  When you complete the CognoConscious class you learn how to live on your highest possible frequency.

But before you say yes just yet, ask yourself two questions:

Are you prepared?

This may be one of the hardest classes you have ever experienced.  You must be ready to go through a full range of emotions and physical sensations that can sometimes be intense.  You will process an entire emotional scale from Shame to Enlightenment in just 4 days.  These changes are often described as miraculous.

Are you willing?

During and after CognoConscious, you will experience a massive jump in consciousness and awareness.  Be willing to leave your old life behind you and power up your natural, physical and psychic energy, experience clarity of mind and being, and even boost your creativity.

This seminar changes you at the core of who you are, become who you were always meant to be!

Get Your Ticket Now

In the search for true Reality Shifting, Bill & Liz discovered that lasting change doesn't come from changing your mind.

Revolutionize your life by using:


The Hawkins Scale


The Map of Awareness

Exclusively working with the creators of the revolutionary system

CognoConscious attendees have reported:

Miraculously different work environments

Mended and healthy relationships

Incredibly easy and fast manifesting

Money incoming from avenues not available before

An influx of inspiration

Stress from anxiety nonexistant

Timeline and perspective shifts

Discovering the feeling of unconditional love

And more...

Testimonials and Advice

Katie Wrigley

Luel Swanson

Coral Simpson, 2020

Annette Villaverde

Coral Simpson, 2022

Liz Larson, Co-Creator of Cognomovement

This is the ONLY CognoConscious event of the year.

Don't miss out.  Get your ticket now, before prices go up.

Join us September 9-13 in beautiful San Diego, CA

"I forever, permanently changed my pain state"

"The outcome that I got from my first CognoConscious was I got to cancel my neurosurgery on my back.  I forever, permanently changed my pain state." - Katie Wrigley, Chronic Pain Management Specialist, Level 2 Cognomovement Practitioner

Katie Wrigley, Level 2 Cogomovement Practitioner
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