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Can Movement Help You Manifest Your Dreams?

The ability to manifest What We Want is the topic we all want the secret to mastering. It’s the topic of 100’s of books, blog’s and talk shows. It esoteric and mainstream. It’s an idea made famous in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich first published in 1937 and that has had a resurgence of popularity as the subject has become a modern day phenomenon.

Though I’ve learned many tips, tricks and methods from the master teachers that I have had the great honor to learn from, I found myself wondering if there could be a more direct way. As I experimented with the Cognomovement Process, it occurred to me that there could be an application for Manifesting. I had discovered that I could use Cognomovement to remove blocks or the sense of being stuck. It seemed natural that once we removed blocks and discovered a sense of freedom, that we would naturally feel freer to create the things in our lives that we really want.

The Cognomovement completely eliminates the paradox. The process automatically creates a feeling of alignment and congruence.

I turned my experimenting to the positive! Up to this point I had been focused on removing discomfort, physical and emotional. In other words, I was working on the level of the “problem set”. Then a light bulb moment! What if I turn my focus to accentuating the positive? Cogno-positive was conceived! I began to experiment with how the Cogno-ball could add rocket fuel to the manifesting process!

Here’s the simple reason that it works! It’s all about alignment, frequency and clarity! Cognomovement at it’s core creates a powerful physical alignment by allowing a very high percentage of your brain to be active all at once. The left and the right hemispheres working in concert are enhanced by the shape, colors and symbols on the ball as well as the cross body movement. This combined action activates the body’s natural energy system and moves the manifesting process out of the head and into pure energy!

Most of us know that we need to feel the experience of having the thing we want to bring it into 3D, but that’s where we often get stuck. We want it and we feel the lack of it instead of the having of it. It’s the great manifesting paradox! Cognomovement automatically creates a feeling of alignment, clarity and even momentum! We no longer have to “think” about having or not having something, we simply “feel” open, aligned and overall great while focus on the idea of what we want. Once this is achieved we are in a frequency of allowing synchronicities.

We are starting to hear amazing stories from our Cognomovent users and we are learning more about the positive uses of this powerful tool. I believe it’s the dawning of a new era in manifesting! I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this tool to the world at this critical time and even more thrilled to have it be easily accessible in the U.S. and around the world as well. It’s a simple, affordable and easily learned process that has the ability to create dramatic changes in our lives.

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