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Well, this is embarrassing...

Hi there, Leah here, from the Cognomovement Team. Yesterday, "we" made a mistake on the date of our event and sent it out to EVERYONE. We even posted it on YouTube. By the way, Free Cogno Hour: Money Manifesting is tomorrow, November 11 @ 4PM Pacific Not today... Anyway, this isn't the first time we've (and by that, I mean I've) messed up dates recently. In fact, this Monday... I had no idea it wasn't Tuesday. We've all done it at one point or another, but usually it's not for thousands of people to see! That isn't, however, the most embarrassing part. "What is?" you ask. Well...I stated before that this has been going on for a while, and I just happen to have this powerful tool to stop this repeating issue and remove it from my body and my reality. So, instead of picking up my Cogno ball the first time I noticed something was off, I suffered with it. I wondered why in the world this was happening and what was wrong with me! If you have been doing Cognomovement for any length of time, you may know exactly what I mean. There, sitting on my shelf right above my work desk is a colorful Cogno ball, that can take my brain fog and frustration away in a matter of minutes. So, I chose to suffer with it for a while until I felt like I'd had enough - or messed up enough. This is why Liz always says "Suffering is Optional". I picked up my ball this morning, and went through a session. I cleared up any confusion, so that I can clear up the confusion for all of you! So, are you still with me? Here are the points:

2. Cognomovement is a powerful tool to create change in your body, life and reality. It is right here in front of you and we are having a free class to show you just how much change you an actually make. Are you finished suffering? Would you like to finally manifest the financial freedom you have always desired? Would you like to find out why your manifesting techniques haven't worked with consistency so far? Find the answers to these questions and more at Cogno Hour.

Join us Friday, November 11 @ 4PM Pacific For Free Cogno Hour

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