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Hoarding Traumas and Happiness: Unclutter Your Nervous System for a Fulfilling Life

Is your nervous system a hoarder? Podcast Episode 117

In the most recent podcast episode of the New Life Perspectives Radio Show, Liz Larson and Bill McKenna shed light on an intriguing concept: our nervous system acting like a hoarder, and how this behavior impacts our overall happiness. They discuss the idea that generational trauma can play a significant role in fostering this tendency and stress the importance of decluttering our minds and lives from harmful and unnecessary baggage.

The duo also explores the profound effects of trauma on our nervous system, emphasizing how it can span generations and even affect entire cultures. We carry this baggage, hoarding it when we need to be dumping it. Why do we do this? Our body thinks it is “protecting” us!

The transformative power of releasing these deeply ingrained traumas paves the way for a healthier, more positive life. Liz and Bill also touch upon the often-overlooked negative consequences of hoarding on family dynamics, underscoring the critical need to seek help to break this cycle of negativity. They point out that our nervous system's inclination to hoard traumas or even perceived traumas, is firmly rooted in the limbic system, which is wired to keep us safe and alive.

What's truly exciting is they talk about Cognomovement's groundbreaking program, the Essentials program, and the Cravings Kit. These innovative tools aim to empower individuals to take control of their nervous system and conquer those stubborn cravings. The program is designed with simplicity and customization in mind. Liz and Bill generously share their personal experiences with this transformative program, offering hope and guidance for those ready to embark on a journey toward a more fulfilling and emotionally balanced life.

Watch the full video to learn more:

Or leave that hoarding behind and get started on your healing journey right now at:

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