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I helped my husband stop having panic attacks

This letter was sent to us recently, and we wanted to pass it on to you. Since this matter affects so many people around the world today, we wondered if it might encourage you to see what's possible with just a little bit of knowledge! Read the testimonial below, and let us know if you may have experienced similar results yourself.

"Dear Cognomovement Team, I just had to write to you to share my deep gratitude for the Cognomovement System. I was able to help my husband with panic attacks using what I learned in Cognomovement. I have Basic Training and have taken multiple Cognomovement classes and have been using it for myself for many issues. Recently my husband told me that he has been having panic attacks daily. His job as a manager is stressful, but he shared that this was something more than just regular stress. He was using cannabis as a way to alleviate what he was feeling, but it wasn't helping. He even tried to stop using it, thinking that it might be the cause. Nothing was helping. He has seen me use the ball and have great results, but never tried it himself. I finally convinced him to try it out. I tried what I learned in the Basic Training section on working with others. I was clumsy at first, as I'm not a practitioner and it took a few minutes to get past the awkwardness of trying out this new thing together, and for him to open up about what he was feeling. He felt this issue in his back, shoulders and neck. So, we focused his attention there. By the way, it was so great that he could just put his attention on how it felt and he didn't have to talk it through. I love that about Cognomovement! It took about an hour and a half and as Liz and Bill say, we had it on the run! The "feeling" moved around his body until he finally felt it release. I just want you to know, I found doing the session for him very interesting and I am excited to do more. I think I am more hooked than I was before! So, at the end he said that he felt more relaxed than he had been in days because the panic attacks had gotten worse in that time - trust me, I made sure he wasn't just saying that so he didn't have to be subjected to the ball anymore 😋. It's important to note that this was at about 9:30 at night when we stopped the session. He normally gets in bed and gets on his phone to watch videos until about midnight or 1am, and refuses to even get in bed before 10PM. This night, he got right in bed, plugged in his phone to charge and went RIGHT TO SLEEP! It has been about a week, and he has not had even one panic attack since our session. He has reported that he thought one might be coming on, but it turned out it was just heartburn. He now wants ANOTHER session to get rid of any extra feelings or worries since now he knows it's possible. I am no Cognomovement expert, but I thought you might be proud of my first session! I know I am! Thanks so much for this amazing work, and for the gift of no more panic attacks. I can't wait to learn more and see what happens next!" -M in Detroit

Have you been looking for a way to change this problem in your life? Or for you, is there something else that you've been wrestling with for weeks, months or years that you would like to finally change? The Cognomovement system is exactly the type of revolutionary change you've been looking for. Start with our Basic Training Video Course. You can use it any time of day or night, when YOU need it most. You can even use it to start creating the life of your dreams (if that's something you want ;) )

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