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Is Forgiveness Your Trigger Word?

How many times have you heard versions of one of these:

  • Forgiveness is good for you health

  • You must forgive in order to move on

  • You shouldn't hold a grudge, you must forgive

But what if you have been through a significant trauma caused the person (or people) you are "supposed" to forgive. What if it's unforgivable? What if they did something devastating? What if you didn't have to forgive in order to move on? Hear us out... When you go to a therapist, a counselor, a pastor, or even a friend with a grievance about somebody who hurt you, one of the most common things you will hear is to forgive. They may even want you to look at the situation from the other person's perspective and empathize with them. Or even worse, ask you if you were at fault in some way, and to identify your part in it. For those of us who have experienced trauma and abuse, that may bring up a really big "F U" feeling. Every time we have said a version of "you must forgive" in this email, have you felt resistance in your body? Did you cringe? The word and act of forgiving can be a trigger word because holding on to the anger, resentment or bitterness can feel like some kind of justice. Or, it can feel like you have some kind of power when that person took yours away. Forgiveness can feel like you're letting "them" win. To forgive can mean that what "they" did was ok. So, let's get to the point. Holding on to resentment, hurt, anger, fear and bitterness doesn't hold the other person back, it only holds YOU back. Your past trauma, whether it is big or small, is being packed into a suitcase (your body) and you are bringing it everywhere you go and projecting it into the future with you. It may feel like you're protecting yourself, but these feelings could affect any future relationships, your job, your financial situation, your mental health and much more. Your past trauma could be taking away your power. So how do you take back your power, and delete that anger, resentment, hurt, fear and overprotection without having to forgive? With Cognomovement, of course! Cognomovement doesn't focus on the situation or the story. It focuses on how you and your body feel about it and the sensation you get every time you think about it. Cognomovement allows you to know the situation happened, be clear on the facts, but no longer let it impact your body, your mind, or your spirit. It is just something that occurred, nothing more than that. Everything around this subject becomes easier and your life moves forward from this point on. You can now begin to create new stories with the life you want, and your power will no longer be drained by focusing your energy on past traumas. Would you like access to the most effective tool available to be able to do this for yourself, anytime, anywhere? This is possible with the Basic Training Video Course. This course will show you the foundation of Cognomovement and how to do individual sessions on your chosen topic to clear the feeling as soon as it comes up. The course comes with two Cogno balls, and also makes you eligible to attend any of our classes, events, and trainings. With the Basic Training Video Course under your belt, you will now have a fast, easy and fun way to become who you were always meant to be from now on. Don't spend another minute trying to forgive the unforgiveable. Do Cognomovement instead!

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