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Kicking a Chick Filet Craving!

You’ve felt it! That sensation creeping into your awareness…. The one that starts somewhere in your consciousness and then sneaks it’s way into your stomach making you certain that if you don’t eat that one thing right now, you will probably starve to death within the hour! Yep, you know it, A CRAVING! Cravings are the worst! They seem to have the ability to take over our lives especially when we are under stress, tired, or feeling down.

So, what is a craving? Why do they seem to have so much power over us? More

importantly, can we break free from their destructive grip?

Is the food calling out to us? Does it have some psychic connection with our bellies?

Well no, but it does have a real pull. Most cravings are for sugar, starch and fats in the form of sweets and fried foods. If it were for fruits, veggies and lean meats it wouldn’t be a problem! These foods, for a myriad of reasons, equal comfort and reward and therefore

an anchor for feeling good! When we don’t feel great we can reach out for a guaranteed comfort food high! Our brain and our body is reacting to real endorphins as well as the real effects of sugar, salt and fat on our insulin levels. The bottom line is that before and after we eat them, often binging, we are out of balance! Balance mentally, emotionally, and physically is the answer.

We could get years of counseling to find out why we have linked these foods, that don’t serve us well, to feeling good. We could, and most of us have, try to force ourselves to stay away from them. For most this only makes the craving worse

Instead, you could try to realign your relationship with the delicious snacks that are terrorizing you. You could, as a side effect, realign the emotions that trigger the craving in the first place!

Recently our friend Robin shared her story of using Cognomovement to do just that! In a CM session with her Niece who had a love-hate relationship with Chick Filet, she was able to get the craving to diminish significantly! Her Niece experienced the feeling of the craving move through her chakra system, even describing it as pain in her stomach. When she next encountered the dreaded snack, she was able to take it or leave it, a much-improved situation. See Robin’s story in this excerpt from our last webinar.

Are you ready to delete a craving from your life? Take our Cognomovement Basic Training Class which includes 2 Cogno Balls and a detailed "how to " for the Cognomovement System 3 full sessions that you can do right away including a session on Cravings!

Visit to take the class and for more information!

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