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Manifesting- but it's impossible!

In a world that often feels filled with insurmountable challenges, we all yearn for transformation and personal growth. In our most recent podcast Bill McKenna and Liz Larson recently explored the power of the Cogno Movement system, delving into the idea of embracing the "impossible" and unlocking our inner potential for a higher level of consciousness.

The Astonishing Transformation

At Liz and Bill’s most recent event, Cognoconcious, participants from various backgrounds and situations came together to confront deeply ingrained challenges. From overwhelming sadness to long-term illnesses, the event aimed to guide individuals toward personal growth. It encouraged participants to free themselves from the heavy emotional baggage that had held them captive for years.

From Ashen Gray to Radiant Light

Bill painted a vivid picture of the remarkable changes witnessed during the Cogno event. The transformation was tangible, surpassing mere smiles and joy. Participants experienced an inner radiance that had been buried beneath layers of suffering, illness, and emotional turmoil. This shift was profound, akin to transitioning from an ashen gray to vibrant, radiant light. It wasn't just visible; it was palpable, with observers feeling the newfound vibrancy and health emanating from those who had undergone this incredible transformation collapsing old patterns in the brain with Cognomovment.

Embracing the Impossible

At the core of the transformational journey is the concept of embracing the "impossible." The term "impossible" refers to challenges and obstacles in our lives that often seem insurmountable. The conversation underscored the importance of acknowledging these obstacles and delving into how they make us feel. By recognizing our fears and challenges, we initiate a process of transformation. The key point is that what we often perceive as impossible is more about our emotional responses and judgments than the challenges themselves. Our emotions are the key to unlocking personal transformation and unleashing our full potential.

The Four Positions

To guide you on your journey of embracing the "impossible," Liz shared a practical exercise involving four eye positions. That you can use to help re-set those negative feelings. These positions should be held for at least one minute sweeping your eyes back and forth or up and down depending on eye placement.

1. Eyes Down: Connect with your kinesthetic self and delve into your feelings and sensations about the challenge.

2. Eyes Right: Activate your left brain for a more linear perspective by shifting your gaze hard to the right, as if you're looking through your right ear.

3. Eyes Left: Engage your right brain for a creative perspective by moving your gaze hard to the left, as if you're peering through your left ear.

4. Eyes Up: Delve into your spiritual and intuitive side by lifting your gaze high, as if you're looking through your eyebrows.

Spend time in each of these positions to observe and potentially transform your feelings and thoughts about the "impossible" challenge you're facing.

Embracing the "impossible" provides so much transformative power. It serves as evidence that remarkable changes can occur when we confront our deepest fears and challenges head-on. By recognizing the emotions tied to our perceived impossibilities, we hold the key to breaking free from these limitations. In doing so, we unlock our potential for personal growth, a higher level of consciousness, and a fresh perspective on life. Dare to embrace the "impossible" and embark on a journey to discover your inner potential.

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