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Stuck No More!

It’s a poorly held secret that nearly everyone has at least one thing that they feel stuck about! Often people feel stuck for years about the same thing! In my seminars, I often have participants list the number of years that they believe they have had the same problem, issue or concern. In a recent seminar we had more than 3 people reveal that they have had the same problem for 50 years plus! Sadly, they are not unusual. The truth is many of us have up to 3 of this type of problem at any given time, we just can’t seem to get past them. Until now!

Many methods in Self Help and even traditional Psychology offer help. However, one of the biggest challenges in releasing long held issues with these traditional methods is that a person will have to voice them first! Many people feel embarrassed, ashamed and even silly about admitting to being stuck for years with the same issue. Or even the issue itself can feel too uncomfortable to discuss. Sometimes there just aren’t words, the problem may express as an unexplainable discomfort.

This is one of the most beautiful benefits of the Cognomovement system! The “issue” doesn’t’ have to be spoken out loud! In fact the “issue” doesn’t have to be acknowledged at all! Only the feeling of the stuckness need be noticed. The level of discomfort that the problem creates in the mind and physical body is what we give our attention to. Then we simply begin to toss the Cogno-ball back and forth between two people or even off of a wall if a person wishes to do the process on their own.

While the discomfort and intensity of the problem is focused on, the eyes are following the shape, color and symbols of the ball. The ball is tossed in a cross body movement engaging both sides of the brain and the body’s energetic system. Many times the centerline of the body, Chakra system, heats up and the sensation of the “issue” begins to move. Strangely the sensation can move several times before dissolving or leaving the body entirely!

Once the sensation leaves the body,the feeling of stuckness just doesn't exist anymore!

We have deleted the pattern of "stuck" in the body and now the mind can't find it either!

Delete the pattern, delete the problem!

Find out more about Cognomovement and how to create your own relief at Take our Basic Training class to start making massive changes immediately!

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