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Three Problems with Forgiveness

If you read our post, you may have found that we have a bone to pick with so-called "forgiveness".

Look, there is nothing wrong with pure and genuine forgiveness. In fact, it can be healing. The problem is, the idea of this forgiveness that everybody is talking about has some real flaws to it.

1. It's typically not genuine. That pure and genuine forgiveness I mentioned? It's actually pretty rare. You may really want to forgive somebody who painfully wronged you, and maybe you have meditated about it and feel an overwhelming sensation to forgive. But do you actually feel like you have forgiven, or is that overwhelming feeling only the desire to forgive? Think about a person who has hurt you in the past that you forgave. Do you still feel a twinge of resentment when you think about it? Do you still have a sensation in your body about that situation or that person? Then you haven't fully forgiven. Fear not, we have the answer for you. Read on.

2. Victim blaming can be disguised as forgiveness. There's not much need for explanation on this one. If you've had a traumatic childhood, you may find that your family members are asking for forgiveness and others may be pressuring you to forgive. But you may not be able to, or maybe in your body, mind and spirt you just can't. What is important is your healing, and forgiveness doesn't have to be part of your healing equation.

3. Forgiveness can just be a way for people to walk all over you. Do you forgive easily? Do you feel a certain amount of pride that you are able to forgive and forget? This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when you find that your friends, family and romantic partners don't treat you well...could that connect with your quickness to forgive? Forgiveness can be a great excuse not to change. It can prevent you from setting boundaries for yourself and in turn can lower your self-esteem. You could be giving the people around you an allowance to do or say whatever they want to you, because they know you will forgive them. In this situation, you aren't allowing yourself or the people around you to change or grow.

In summary, forgiveness is supposed to be a way for you to heal. The intention is to allow yourself to move on without carrying the baggage of your past traumas. Forgiveness is supposed to be empowering. The problems listed above are some main reasons this healing isn't always possible through forgiveness.

Cognomovement can get you there.

With Cognomovement, healing and empowerment is more than possible. Using our system, you can take those people or situations that caused massive trauma or pain and simply clear them out of your body, allowing you to regain your lost power, take control of your life and create the world you wish to live in. Forgiveness doesn't have to be out of the picture completely, either! With the Cognomovement system, that pure and genuine forgiveness is no longer rare! The best part is, with a clear mind, body and spirit, you can now choose the best relationships, jobs, and experiences. Cognomovement allows you to become your best self, and aligns the path to healthy boundaries and a powerful connection to the 5th dimension.

Start today with the Basic Training Video Course where you will be shown the foundation of Cognomovement and how to do sessions anytime, anywhere with included Cogno balls. Also included with Basic Training: The Cognomovement Members Community on Facebook where you will find a community of like-minded Cognomovers and be able to share stories and ask questions to our Cognomovement Practitioners and Bill and Liz directly.

What are you waiting for?

"They had gambled away our assets and I felt as though they had ruined my life and severely impacted the lives of my family. I found myself fighting with them in my mind and feeling sick to my stomach nearly round the clock. With good reason, I held them responsible for my unhappiness and despair.
I live in a small town and learned that they were blaming me for the loss of our shared company, this only fueled the fire of my anger and resentment toward them. I did a series of Cognomovement Session around this terrible feeling in my body, but I was insistent that I would not and could not forgive this person for what they had done tome and my family.
Right away I found that my mind went to the subject less and less. And when I did think of it, I didn't have any feeling about it. I began to understand that I had been contributing my energy to this situation, even though it was long over, and it was making me exhausted.
Quickly it became an old story that no longer held any weight in my life, my mind, or my body. It was just something that happened nothing more.
Here is the strange part. Right away, I started hearing that this person was now singing my praises all over town. This was a massive switch! Shortly after I had to have an interaction with them in which they were as considerate and kind in a way they had never been! I also didn't have to be upset or nervous about the meeting because my body simply had no reaction! I could be cordial and kind as well.
This person is not my best friend now, nor would I ever consider doing business with them. However, I no longer hold anger or resentment toward them. I have MY energy back. I feel happy and creative and have gone on to create a business doing the work that I love."
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