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Are you in a relationship that you didn't know that you were in?

Liz's weird question of the week is....

Are you in a relationship that you didn't know you were in?

Or are you STILL in a relationship that you thought you had ended years ago?

Do you still find your mind wandering back to old arguments, problems, or events that happened during a relationship that you aren't physically in anymore?

And if so, do you find yourself becoming irritated, angry, or sad all over again?


Then sorry to say... you are still in that relationship!

It's true.

Your nervous system at least hasn't let go.

You are still in a place of contributing and receiving energy from that old pattern even if the other person is no longer living?

Want out for good?

Do you want to stop thinking and feeling about that period of time in your life?

Join us for the Relationship Revolution


address the places where your energy is being spent on unwanted

love relationships, friendships, co-workers, family and more!

Check out Liz's video and find out more about

relationships that you didn't even know were still alive and well in your nervous system.

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