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Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Did you know that Bill McKenna started out teaching, “The Secrets of the Masters”? In Bill’s book, The Only Lesson, he chronicles his own awakening to energy and his initiation into living in 5th Dimensional Vibration.

In fact these are the buzz words whispered all over the internet and in New Age and Spiritual communities, but what exactly do they mean? In a nutshell they refer to letting go of negativity, raising and shifting attitudes and moods, and creating a positive shift in perspective. What can this do for you?

In this brief video, Bill shows his Map of Awareness that outlines exactly what happens as we shift into higher vibrational states.

But what can a soccer ball with Chakra symbols do to help raise your vibration to achieve some of these results? This is where all of Bill’s training culminates in Cognomovement. You see, the main thing that the Cognomovement Patterns do is to create a harmonization of the brain and the chakras. This is one of the things we hope to do in deep Meditation! As you may know this can take time and training and most of all FOCUS! In a short session of Cognomovement energetic alignment takes place physically and emotionally, naturally raising your vibration! Focus is inherent in the pattern.

Whether focusing on a problem, clearing a block, or manifesting, you are naturally moving up the Map of Awareness!

Join us for an in depth chat with Bill Saturday Saturday June 23rd at 11 AM Pacific time about the vibrational side of Cognomovement and how it can benefit your spiritual/energetic practice if you have one AND how you can begin one if you don’t.

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